Addressing and Debunking Myths About Addiction Treatment

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Myths About AddictionSometimes, when people think about addiction rehab, they’re put off by the ideas that surround treatment. Many individuals have negative preconceived notions about rehab. Most of the time, they’re based on what others have said about treatment. These ideas and thoughts about rehab often cause people to become apprehensive about getting help for substance use disorder. But, if you are thinking about getting help for addiction in your life, it’s important to find out the truth about treatment. In order to do this, you need to know that many of the things you’ve heard are actually myths! Allow us to explain.

The Truth About Treatment

Here’s one truth: change is scary. No doubt, you’ve been feeling a little nervous about entering treatment. This is not uncommon; many people feel afraid when they even think about taking a large step like this. It’s difficult to imagine living life in recovery. It’s a big change and one you should take seriously.

Many times, people who decide not to get help for addiction do so because of uncertainty. The fear of the unknown has stood in many people’s way when it comes to treatment. But, this doesn’t have to be true in your case.

The truth about treatment is as follows: it is not a “one-size-fits-all” way to approach addiction. Instead, it’s an individualized journey, complete with programs that can help you through your unique recovery.

Now that we’ve addressed the truth about rehab for addiction, let’s discuss some of the common myths that exist in regards to treatment.

Myth 1: Treatment Isn’t Necessary. You Can Just Quit Cold Turkey.

Many people think of professional treatment as yet another way to make money from those who need help. Sadly, many treatment facilities have taken this approach. However, not all rehab centers are just “after your money”. There are numerous facilities that are dedicated to your well-being. These professional treatment centers will work to make sure you can safely and completely recover from substance use disorder. (This includes our facility here at Crest View Recovery Center!)

Also, it’s important to address the idea of quitting cold turkey. People often attempt to do this in order to end alcohol or drug use in their lives. For many individuals, this is the “free alternative” to an addiction treatment program.

It may be “free”, but, it’s not the safest way to end substance use. Quitting cold turkey is abruptly ending substance use. This can be problematic, especially because addiction is not just the physical use of drugs and alcohol. It’s also an emotional and psychological dependence on those substances. So, even if a person suddenly stops drinking or using drugs, he or she still needs to overcome the emotional and mental dependencies.

Addiction treatment programs can help to end physical, mental, and emotional dependence on drugs or alcohol. Also, many rehab centers help people to safely detox from substance use through a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. This approach to detox uses medications in order to treat the symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms can make early recovery extremely difficult and even cause relapse to occur. But, with help from MAT, individuals can safely overcome the challenges of early recovery.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to seek professional help right away if you’re struggling with substance abuse.

Myth 2: Treatment is Only for People Who Have Severe Addictions.

Often, you may hear people refer to certain addictions as more severe than others. It’s not uncommon to refer to some addictions as more “serious” than others. But, it’s important to realize that this can actually be a dangerous way to look at addiction. See, many people feel that “severe” or “serious” addictions are the type of substance use problems that cause people to lose their jobs, families, and homes. This leads individuals to believe that those who have not “hit rock bottom” are what people call “functioning addicts” and may not need intensive care.

But, the truth of the matter is that everyone who has a substance use disorder should seek help. Each individual who suffers from alcohol or drug abuse should receive treatment. Whether or not it looks like a person has hit rock bottom, treatment is necessary. Those who suffer from addiction are at risk of developing serious health complications. These health problems can occur, whether or not an individual has a “severe” addiction problem.

So, treatment is not just for people who have what one might consider as a serious addiction. It’s for everyone who struggles with substance use. In other words, if you suffer from alcoholism or drug abuse, then treatment is for you.

Myth 3: You Have to Live at a Rehab Facility in Order to Get Treatment.

This is not entirely true. While inpatient treatment is fairly common, it’s not the only option. Many people go through an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or an outpatient program for addiction. But, it truly depends on the individual. Many times, people benefit more from an inpatient program than they would from an outpatient approach. For others, the opposite may be true.

When it comes to addiction and recovery, it’s best to remember that each individual is different. Everyone has specific and unique needs. So, while the idea of living at a rehab facility may be uncomfortable for some, it may prove to be absolutely necessary in order to obtain sobriety. But, of course, this may not always be the case. This is why it’s important to consult a professional who can determine the best course of action for your journey to recovery.

Myth 4: If You’ve Relapsed Before, Treatment Won’t Be Helpful This Time Either.

Many times, people who go through treatment for substance use disorder experience a relapse. In fact, some suffer from addiction relapse multiple times. But, this doesn’t mean they’re incapable of obtaining lasting freedom from addiction. It may just mean that they need to try a different approach. Perhaps, it may help to choose a different rehab facility.

A healthy outlook and a positive mindset can help, as well. If you’ve relapsed before, don’t believe the myth that you can’t overcome substance abuse. Don’t buy the lie that you won’t be able to successfully get through treatment this time. Instead, speak with professionals at your treatment center to find out the best way to end addiction in your life, once and for all.

Myth 5: Treatment is Too Expensive.

This is a common belief when it comes to treatment for substance use disorder. It often leaves people feeling like they won’t be able to afford to get professional help for addiction. But, the idea of paying for rehab shouldn’t stand between you and your freedom from substance abuse. There are many options available for those who desire to overcome addiction.

One option is health insurance. You may have an insurance plan through companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, etc. If so, you may be able to receive coverage for substance use treatment!

You might also consider a payment plan. Some professional addiction treatment programs allow you to pay for treatment in increments rather than all at once. This might be an option for you, but you’ll need to speak with your rehab facility to make sure. For more information about paying for rehab, you can reach out to our team here at Crest View Recovery Center.

Moving Past the Myths of Addiction Treatment

If you’ve been suffering from substance use disorder, you may be all too familiar with feelings of helplessness. Many individuals who struggle with alcoholism or drug use have difficulty moving past these problems. It can be hard to overcome substance use disorder because of mental, emotional, and physical dependencies. But, those who are dealing with the effects of addiction can find true freedom.

Here at Crest View Recovery Center, we are committed to helping our clients find hope. Through our various treatment programs, we provide individuals with the opportunity to end addiction in their lives.

We offer gender-specific treatment, providing men and women the tools they need in order to become and stay free from addiction. Our goal is to help individuals obtain lasting freedom through long-term recovery. We also work to help young people who are dealing with addiction, understanding that there may be specific needs in their lives.

Here at Crest View Recovery Center, we also understand that many of our clients are dealing with the effects of substance use disorder and mental health disorder. This is known as a dual diagnosis. We offer treatment for those who are living with mental health concerns in addition to drug or alcohol abuse. So, if you are struggling with co-occurring disorders, know that we are here to help!

Finally, our treatment programs are complete with therapy approaches that can help to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. This includes:

If you’re ready to take a step toward recovery, just contact us today by calling (866) 327-2505!