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The recommended duration of a patient’s treatment will depend greatly on the severity of their addiction, the substances they have used and how long they’ve used these substances. In most cases, addiction experts recommend a 90-day treatment program to ensure the patient’s success.

Learn more about 90-day rehab programs in Asheville, North Caroline, and connect with Crest View Recovery Center to find rehab and 12-step programs near you.

What Is a 90-Day Rehab Program?

Women in RehabA 90-day rehab program is a course of drug or alcohol rehabilitation that takes 90 days to complete. During these 90 days, patients either receive inpatient treatment while living in a rehabilitation facility, outpatient treatment or a combination of the two. A 90-day rehab program provides patients with a solid foundation for recovery, giving them the tools and care needed to maintain their sobriety.

In a 90-day inpatient program, residents receive around-the-clock supervision and access to medical services from doctors and therapists. Outpatient facilities also offer 90-day outpatient programs, which offer many of the same benefits while allowing patients to reside at home during treatment.

A rehabilitation program typically includes three main steps:

  • Medical detox: During this phase of recovery, the patient undergoes medical detoxification under the supervision of addiction experts to rid their bodies of the abused substance and safely navigate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Treatment: This central phase of rehabilitation includes therapy and counseling sessions designed to address and replace the behaviors associated with addiction.
  • Aftercare: It’s common to continue some duration of outpatient treatment following a 90-day program to ensure long-term recovery and prevent relapses.

Recovery from substance abuse doesn’t depend on a specific schedule, but experts recommend the longest program possible to achieve the best results. A 90-day program followed by extended aftercare is often the best option to achieve lasting recovery.

Benefits of a 90-Day Rehab Program

During a 90-day rehab program, patients have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their treatment and take the time they need to focus on their recovery. While every patient is different, addiction experts have found that longer programs have statistically better outcomes than shorter options.

Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicates that staying in treatment for an adequate length of time is essential for the best recovery outcomes. When patients have more time to dedicate to their recovery, they can work through a range of potential treatment options, including a 12-step addiction treatment program or similar alternatives.

Throughout a 90-day rehab program, patients are equipped with the coping mechanisms they need for continued recovery. The therapy, support and connections they make within the program allow them to reenter society with a new outlook and an opportunity to thrive.

Crest View Recovery Center’s 90-day Rehab Program Near You

At Crest View Recovery Center, our 90-day rehab treatment program includes a structured plan. Everyone’s experience with addiction is different, so we work with you to create a personalized course of treatment that addresses your distinct needs.

During your treatment, you and your counselor will explore any underlying reasons for your addiction and complete therapy and activities to help you establish good habits and life skills. Each of our programs follows a similar process, offering a combination of holistic therapies, including the following:

  • Group therapies
  • Individual counseling
  • Reality-based therapy
  • Medication therapy
  • Yoga classes
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy

Our 90-day rehab treatments also incorporate the 12-step program for addiction, which provides you with an ongoing support group as you work through the steps and grow in your recovery. When you complete a 90-day rehab program, you’ll have strengthened your long-term skill and built a foundation that allows you to succeed.

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Crest View Recovery Center offers a wide range of services to people struggling with addiction, including longer-term 90-day treatment programs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the care you need with a focus on total wellness. Our programs include 12-step addiction treatment programs, individual counseling and reality-based therapy.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our facilities and find 90-drug and alcohol rehab programs near you. Your journey to recovery is just a phone call away at 866-986-1371.

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