According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), an addicted individual requires at least three months of treatment to reduce their substance abuse. For most drug addicts, the option of substance abuse treatment comes with the question “How long do they have to stay in rehab?” To answer the question precisely, the longer the treatment duration is, the better the outcomes are. Rehab facilities may offer anywhere between a 28 day program to a 90 day program and some may offer programs lasting over a year.

It is better to stay in the rehab program until you learn to manage your addiction and the techniques to stay sober and clean. However, it is easier said than done. That means duration in rehab program comes with several considerations that impact how long an addict should stay in any rehab program.

Considerations When Deciding Length of Rehab Program: 90 day rehab program North Carolina can trust

  • How many times has the individual been in treatment before?
  • When was the last treatment experience?
  • Was the treatment outpatient or residential?
  • What, how long, and how many substances has the addict been using?
  • Has the addict been in any peer support group like AA before?
  • What is the individuals’ age?
  • Does the addict have any co-occurring mental disorders?
  • Does the addict have any chronic pain issues?
  • Has the addict suffered any trauma?

The given considerations and questions play an important role when it comes to deciding how long an addicted individual should stay in a rehab program. For many addicts, insurance is another important aspect to consider while searching for an available rehab program.

Several rehab centers offer programs that last for one month. Unfortunately, that duration sometimes is insufficient for complete recovery. The risk of relapse is higher when an individual opts for a program that has a relatively short duration. Recovery doesn’t depend on a specific schedule. It is a process that depends on all of the numerous factors such as addict’s mental and physical state, addiction severity, type of substances they have been using, and how long they have been using these substances.

North Carolina’s ninety days rehab program, in this regard, can be the solution to treat a long- term addiction. It can be a combination of a residential program and an outpatient program. Addiction experts recommend it to patients with severe alcohol and drug dependencies that are at risk of relapse. Plus, it is beneficial for people who have a co-occurring mental illness and require extensive treatment. North Carolina’s 90 day rehab center offers a quality treatment with a personalized plan to cater to the needs of addicted individuals.

Steps of a Rehab Program

As mentioned earlier, rehab involves a long process depending on the condition of an addicted individual. That means overcoming a drug disorder requires time and multiple phases that typically includes three main steps. People in the recovery process need to stay vigilant to achieve sobriety as a lifetime commitment. Most addiction experts recommend aftercare following 90 days of residential treatment.

Following are the main phase of a rehab program:

·       Detox

The normal phase length of medical detox is 10 to 15 days. But if your addiction is severe and you suffer from co-occurring disorders, medical detox may take longer. Withdrawal treatment medication (buprenorphine) often shortens the length of medical detox.

Flushing out the drugs and alcohol from the body is of paramount importance before you achieve sobriety. The phase can be a frightening experience for the addicts, as many drug substances cause debilitating withdrawal symptoms. That is why it is imperative to undergo medical detoxification under the supervision of addiction experts.

·       Treatment

A residential treatment program can last from 30 to 90 days based on the addiction severity. If you have been on drugs for a long time, it’s possible you might require an even longer stay.

Following detoxification, the central phase of rehabilitation begins. It includes therapies and counseling sessions to replace troublesome behaviors through individual and group settings. Long-treatment (90 days) is suitable for people who’ve battled addictions to heroin and cocaine and have schizophrenia.

·       Aftercare

Aftercare is recommended to prevent drug relapse typically. This phase involves self-help programs, medication, and a stay in a decent environment surrounded by a support group.

Benefits of a 90 Day Rehab Program

Addiction treatment, whether for 30 days or 90 days, follows the same process. Many centers offer a combination of treatments that incorporates holistic therapies to help you recover faster. Some of the common therapies are:

Treatment Schedule

The schedule of the rehab program depends on the treatment center’s policy. Crest Views 90-day rehab program includes a structured plan.

Your addiction severity is a key factor considered when addiction experts schedule a basic or in-depth program. Some small programs include only half-hour activities, e.g., therapy assignments, reading groups, and sharing life experiences.

All these activities are tremendously advantageous to keep addicts’ mind busy and engaged positively. They are also helpful in maintaining a healthy sleep routine.

Why Should You Choose a 90 Day Rehab Program at Crest View Recovery?

From establishing good habits to learning life skills, the 90-Day rehab program Crest View offers tons of benefits. Once you complete your short program, 90-day program scaffolds a foundation to help you strengthen long-term skills and habits.

The program brings you a plethora of opportunities to evaluate the reasons for your addiction and help you avoid relapse. You, and a counselor, can explore the underlying reasons of addiction in a better way. Imposter syndrome is a common side effect you might suffer during the rehab program. It adds to your stress and feeling of monotony. When you learn to handle the symptoms of imposter syndrome, both work stress and chances of relapse reduce.

Crest View Recovery Center

This rehab center in North Carolina focuses on total wellness. Its therapies help you move back to society with full sobriety by developing skills that can support your overall health.

You may need a longer program to get rid of addiction signs. The 90-day program is, without a doubt, a great long-term recovery program. Call us 866.327.2505 to explore more about Crest View’s 90-day rehab program.