Addiction controls, consumes, and destroys lives.

Addiction wants you to think you cannot survive without it. Addiction wants you to think you’re alone, with no one or nothing else to turn to. Addiction wants you to think there’s no way out.
Crest View Recovery Center Addiction and You

Addiction and you

Addiction wants to steal your dreams, your job, your relationships, and your health but you can get control of your life back. Find freedom from addiction with the help of Crest View Recovery Center.
Crest View Recovery Center Addiction and Your Loved One

Addiction and your loved one

When someone you care about is caught in the crippling cycle and lies of addiction, you become hopeless, overwhelmed by your inability to help them break free. You fear that you might lose them forever. But with Crest View Recovery Center, your loved one can find their way back and become whole again.

That voice of addiction feels loud and all-consuming, but it’s wrong. Don’t let addiction take everything from you. Crest View Recovery Center will help you rebuild.

With the right support, you can beat addiction

Crest View Recovery Center Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Becoming sober is about more than just addressing addictive behaviors. It’s about pairing both a medical and a healing approach that results in a comprehensive lifestyle change. Find both sobriety and complete holistic wellness through Crest View Recovery Center’s individualized rehabilitation program.
Crest View Recovery Center Tailored Treatment Programs

Tailored Treatment Programs

At Crest View Recovery Center, we understand that no two individuals are the same. We will guide you through a tailored treatment program with multiple levels of care based on your unique needs and addiction history. These programs are comprised of both daytime clinical care and evening treatment-focused activities.
Crest View Recovery Center Addiction Therapy

Addiction Therapy

We believe complete recovery is a journey of self-discovery. That’s why we offer specialized types of therapy, from trauma to family counseling, yoga, and even acupuncture. Our evidence-based program relies on real world experience simulations to provide skills, strategies, and therapy proven to prepare patients for the real world.

Our Community

  • Alumni Program

    Treatment doesn’t end when you finish treatment. In fact, Crest View Recovery Center is still here to support you throughout your recovery journey. Our staff and other alumni will help you transition back to daily life with support, encouragement, and compassion.

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  • For Medical Professionals

    We offer a variety of resources and education about addiction, rehabilitation, treatment, therapy, and recovery to equip your staff and facility with the tools to help your patients who are suffering.

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Paying for Rehab

Making the decision to seek help with recovery is difficult enough, paying for your rehabilitation and treatment shouldn’t have to be difficult as well. We are in-network with major insurance providers which will minimize your financial burden. We can also help you coordinate transportation to and from our facility.

In network with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Beacon (formerly Value Options)
  • EAN
  • CBHA (Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance)
  • MedCost

Start the journey toward recovery now.

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