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What We Treat

While some recovery centers take an institutional approach to drug rehab, Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, NC prefers to provide our patients with a realistic recovery environment and allow room for true growth and discovery.

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Alcohol Addiction

Experience personalized support for alcohol recovery at Crest View Recovery Center, where we prioritize genuine growth in a realistic environment.

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Opiate Addiction

Find a caring path to overcome opiate addiction at Crest View Recovery Center, where we focus on real-life experiences for true growth and recovery.

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Dual Diagnosis

Choose Crest View Recovery Center for integrated care in dual diagnosis. Our approach addresses mental health and substance use, fostering genuine recovery.

North Carolina’s Premier Treatment Facility

Located in the beautiful Western mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Crest View Recovery Center is a safe haven for life-changing addiction recovery. Take a tour of our facilities and see why Crestview is the perfect place to start a new, substance-free life.

Navigating the Path to Recovery

Admission Process

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We’re Living Proof that Recovery can be a Reality

  • Matt Hobbie

    “Crest view is incredible. Everyone from the top down is outstanding and extremely helpful. Especially my therapist SC. I am forever grateful to crest view for my sobriety”

  • Emily Cox

    “I went to Crestview for 60 days It set me up for success.They hold a wide variety of meetings they take recovery’s very seriouse, but find ways to make it fun! It was a good environment for me to get healthy! The staff cared about my well-being. I highly recommend this place!”

  • Christian Ames

    “Excellent staff and education on recovery. They will give you everything you need to fight addiction and you’ll enjoy yourself along the way. The best recovery center in NC.”

  • Vernon M.

    “Crest View is a great program that helped save the life of my best friends son. I can’t speak higher about this facility and staff.”

  • Andy S.

    “This was my first time going to rehab. I was at CrestView for 50 days. The facilities and apartments were very nice. I was really surprised how nice they were when I arrived…”

  • Kimberly G.

    “I am forever grateful for Crest View Recovery Center for helping to give me my life back!…”

  • Ansely C.

    “I had a wonderful experience at Crest View. It was a difficult decision to go into treatment, but everyone at Crest View made me as comfortable as possible. The housing was very cozy and inviting. My time there was very positive and extremely helpful…”

  • Christine L.

    “I attended Crest View and was surprised by how much I enjoyed the program. Along with the day to day classes we attended that helped me understand my addiction, the staff all brought they’re own personal style of recovery with them….”

  • Alex M.

    “I loved my time here at Crestview Recovery Center. From the first day, I was met with friendly faces, and my expectations were exceeded as time went by. The staff, techs, and therapists all work together to provide you with the most personalized program in order to assist in your recovery…”

Alumni Stories

Andrew’s life was spinning out of control, he knew it was time to make a change. Watch our video to hear about Andrew’s Crest View Recovery Center experience.


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