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In order to achieve recovery, most people need to work through a variety of therapies. One of the most common approaches during addiction treatment is group therapy for addiction. At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, we firmly believe that it’s a vital component of our program.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a session in which one or more trained psychologists, therapists or leaders meet with a group to conduct a therapy session. These groups range in size from anywhere between 3-15 participants in one gathering.

Each group therapy session will vary depending on the primary goal of the treatment program and the leader’s preferred style. Some therapists have a specific plan for engaging with each participant, while others offer a more free-from dialogue where each member can participate as much as they are comfortable.

In all group therapy programs, confidentiality is a crucial component. Group members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment where they can feel secure and supported.

How Group Therapy For Addiction Treatment Works

group therapyWhile one-on-one therapy is necessary to recovery, group therapy for substance abuse can be just as integral. A therapist leads a group of individuals to help them discuss any issues they may be facing in recovery. Groups might be very specific, targeting one particular problem. They can also be broader, consisting of individuals struggling through many types of addiction.

What often helps the most is being able to listen to others with similar problems. Rarely will group therapy require everyone to speak. In most cases, just those people who are comfortable sharing their stories do so. However, the ability to listen to these stories and find out more about what other people are going through is often just what people beginning recovery need to feel less alone.

How Can Group Therapy Be Beneficial in an Addiction Rehab?

Group therapy for addiction treatment offers many benefits, including:

  • Professionally led sounding board – In group therapy for addiction treatment, clients are able to discuss their issues and get advice back from a diverse group of individuals. Moreover, licensed and trained staff members are always around to offer advice and constructive ideas.
  • Long-term support network – People often turn to others that they’ve met in group therapy for support, even after rehab. Members of the group go into this type of therapy already sharing something in common, which can lead to lifelong friendships.
  • Facilitates social skills – When people are stuck in active addiction, their top priority frequently becomes getting the next fix. Regular social skills, as well as the ability to open up to others, can fall by the wayside as a result. Speaking and listening in a group setting can help improve this skill set again.
  • Feeling of inclusion – Perhaps the most important reward of group therapy is that it helps clients to realize that they aren’t alone. They discover that others have been through similar situations and can help to offer both coping skills and a shoulder to lean on.
  • Added structure and accountability – Many people with substance use disorders benefit from the added structure provided by regularly scheduled group therapy sessions. Showing up to these meetings and reporting back to a group provides additional accountability that aids in recovery while establishing healthy lifestyle changes.

Group therapy can help those who may have felt alone for years to feel accepted and more comfortable in their own skin.

Group Therapy at CVRC

Located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, CVRC offers a continual care treatment model to help individuals overcome addiction, including drug and alcohol group therapy sessions. All of our substance abuse treatment programs include:

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