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As you prepare for your drug or alcohol treatment, such as in a PHP program, you likely wonder what to bring to rehab. Most people in your shoes ask the same question. So never feel uncomfortable asking your admissions counselor what you can bring into the facility. But for most facilities, the answers include certain items you want to pack and others to leave at home.

How Do I Know What to Bring to Rehab?

Much of what to bring to rehab relies on your chosen level of care. If you will live at the facility full time in inpatient treatment, you obviously need greater attention in packing. The same is true for a partial hospitalization program (PHP), although your stay is broken up by time spent at home. Some PHPs have you stay overnight several days per week, while others send you home at the end of every day.

The differences between programs and from rehab to rehab make packing confusing. But all of your questions gain quick answers in just moments when you talk to your counselor. They expect these kinds of questions, so do not feel shy. They also sometimes have helpful lists they provide by email, on their website or through other means.

What You Usually Can Bring to Rehab

Regardless of your type of program, you must adhere to some restrictions on what you take into a rehab setting. The same is true for your visitors or family taking part in family therapy. Rehabs promise a safe, secure and drug-free environment for clients. So anything dangerous to anyone’s health, safety or sobriety obviously needs to stay at home.

When you spend overnights at a facility, the admissions team inspects your bags. This feels awkward to many people. But if you do not bring in prohibited items, the process goes quickly. Some programs also check bags of people coming and going for therapies or other day treatment as part of PHP, IOP or OP programs.

Besides clothing, approved toiletries and daily hygiene supplies, always keep a list of your family members or closest contacts at rehab. Bring a small amount of cash, but do not keep too much money in your wallet or personal effects. You also need your payment source for rehab services and needs, such as your insurance card, checkbook, credit or debit card.

What Not to Bring to Rehab

To understand what you need in rehab, you need to know what the rehab does not allow. For most facilities and programs this list includes:

  • Valuables or excessive cash
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Weapons or pornography
  • Food, cleaning supplies or drinks
  • Aerosol supplies or toiletries with alcohol
  • Nail polish or remover
  • Clothing with profane or prohibited references or slogans

Take a good look at any toiletries or supplies you take into rehab, to ensure they do not contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals. The rehab must know what medications you need before you enter the facility, so they can advise which to bring and which to leave at home.

More Important than What You Bring Are Services You Receive

With so many considerations of what to take into the rehab facility, many people get stuck in focusing on these issues. But more important is what you gain from rehab and take with you when you leave. This comes down to the therapies and services your facility provides. When looking for a rehab, find one with the right services to help you gain lasting recovery.

Important treatment services include:

In Asheville, North Carolina, Crest View Recovery Center provides all of these services and therapies. To learn what to bring to rehab and gain more information about available programs at Crest View Recovery Center, call 866-986-1371 today.

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