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It’s true that addiction affects both men and women. But, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported that the percentage of using different types of illicit substances is higher in men as compared to women. Men are also more likely to misuse prescription drugs. Not only this, illicit drugs are responsible for more overdose deaths and ER visits in males than in females. Not surprisingly, many studies have shown that men and women do not use drugs in the same way. This explains why a men’s drug rehab program may look differently than a woman’s treatment program.

Both genders do not only have different responses to taking drugs but also unique needs when it comes to drug treatment. Luckily, at Crest View Recovery Center, we offer a drug rehab program for men with an individualized approach. We believe that achieving sobriety is a big task, and it requires specific plans and strategies to benefit individuals.

Our addiction therapy provides full support to our clients with a complete focus on your recovery. The comprehensive plan ensures there are to be no outside influences until you completely get rid of negative behavior.

Frequency of Drug Abuse in Men

There is no denying that substance disorder or drug abuse is one of the major concerns of men and women. However, drug use is significantly different in men, for example:

  • men's drug rehab is life-changingMen have a comparatively higher rate of alcohol consumption. Except for young adults or individuals (12- 20), men drink more than women typically do.
  • The use of Marijuana is more common in males than in females.
  • Men with marijuana use disorder are likely to misuse other drugs and have an antisocial personality.
  • The number of men using heroin is also greater than compared to women.
  • Men abuse prescription drugs and pain killers more than women do.
  • Men use illegal drugs more often than women use.
  • Some studies showed men likely to have higher drug dependence than women.

Frequency of Drug Abuse in Men

As mentioned earlier, men are more likely to suffer from substance use disorder as compared to women. Despite a high percentage, many men feel shy or hesitate when it comes to reaching out for professional help. They believe that it will make them look weak or show their failure at managing their addiction. They sometimes lack the courage required for reaching out about drug addiction and alcoholism treatment.

The inpatient treatment we provide in partnership with DreamLife Recovery, on the other hand, is supposed to address abuse-related requirements that prompt men to enter any rehab program. This may be work stress, issues at the office, family concerns, relationship conflicts, legal problems, and involvement in any criminal activities.

Some men have already experienced drug treatment, but they did not fully recover. Even though they may have completed treatment before, they still managed to find themselves relapsing because they did not address underlying issues. This is where the role of a men’s specific rehab program comes into play. The program includes intensive care and monitoring with counseling to help male patients completely recover from substance abuse.

Addiction experts determine the treatment needs of alcoholic or drug addicts to ensure proper clinical assessment and individualized care. Not only this, several behavioral screening sessions are part of a drug rehab program to explore traumatized events such as sexual harassment that has led to drug abuse. These specific traumatic experiences shape the treatment course as an individual might need extra attention, and professional needs to handle matters with greater sensitivity.

Do You Need To Enter A Men’s Rehab Program?

Men typically believe they are strong and unemotional, and that is what makes seeking treatment challenging and can also feel embarrassing. However, there is no shame in admitting that you need professional help if you suffer from substance use disorder. If you’re unsure that you need help and professional care to change the course of drug abuse, consider the following questions:

  • Have you tried stopping using drugs and didn’t succeed?
  • Have you been abusing drugs or alcohol for a long time and couldn’t stop when you wanted to?
  • Do you spend a lot of your time in attempting to use or obtain drugs?
  • Does it take too much time to recover from the effects of drugs or alcohol?
  • Are your work, relationship, and health suffering due to substance use disorder?
  • Are you neglecting your personal and professional responsibilities due to addiction?
  • Do you crave drugs? And feel helpless to stop using them after knowing the consequences?
  • Have you faced withdrawal symptoms when you tried to quit drugs?

If the answers to most of these questions are yes, then you are experiencing the effects of a severe substance use disorder, and you need a men’s drug rehab program.

Benefits of A Men’s Rehab Program

The gender-specific approach of Crest View Recovery Center sets the men’s rehab program apart from other treatment programs. This approach is extremely helpful in discovering the root cause of drug addiction. Addicted men face different problems than women. Men’s bodies become drug dependent at a faster rate than women’s bodies.

At Crest View Recovery Center, you get a strong supportive network along with a high-quality substance abuse program. We make sure that our patients receive full care and a family-like supportive environment.

We, with our patients, work with a realistic approach that does not only help in the recovery process but also prepares addicts for real-life challenges. As a traditional model, our reality therapy teaches patients the essential coping skills that patients can use in their daily lives.

Whether patients want to recognize triggers or prevent relapse, the therapeutic options at CVRC are effective and life-changing to promote a healthy and safe life.

CVRC’s Addiction Therapy

The therapies, without a doubt, are an integral part of any rehab. This reason is why we design therapy programs that can accompany the patient’s rehab to help them seek the much-needed recovery process. Moreover, by understanding the root cause of addiction, medical professionals choose the most suitable rehab program for an individual.

The conventional therapies at CVRC include:

Support and comfort are the two most essential aspects of a men’s drug rehab process. You cannot achieve sobriety if you do not have the right approach and mindset.

Alumni Program at CVRC

To help patients recover spiritually, emotionally, and physically, CVRC offers amenity-rich facilities. With healing techniques like meditation, yoga classes, acupuncture treatments, we help patients fight drug cravings and relapse

Our alumni program is another critical aspect of men’s rehab that encourages a lifelong journey with peers by helping them in their recovery phase.

You can reach out anytime to our team at CVRC to learn more about men’s rehab. Call us at 866.986.1371 to begin your life-changing journey.

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