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While finishing a drug rehab program is important, embracing lifelong sobriety is the ultimate goal. Moreover, studies show that some therapies during the rehab make relapse less likely for individuals. One of those approaches is a trauma therapy program.

What Is Trauma Therapy?

As the name indicates, a trauma therapy program helps individuals deal with traumatic events. However, trauma is a subjective experience. Things that are traumatic for one person might not be for another. This type of therapy helps people overcome traumatic events so that they can live happy, healthy lives.

How Do Trauma and Addiction Fit Together?

trauma-therapyAt first glance, it may seem as though trauma and addiction are as different as night and day. However, these two issues are more closely linked than people think. In fact, some studies indicate that trauma is one of the leading causes of addiction.

People tend to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with traumatic stress. Alcohol dulls the physical and emotional pain that it leaves behind. Unfortunately, addiction only masks the pain temporarily and does little to fix the actual problem.

Common Traumatic Events

Traumatic events can happen at any point in people’s lives. However, early childhood is the most common time to experience trauma, and it can later lead to addiction. The sources of traumatic events vary between people as well. Some of the most common sources include:

  • Sexual abuse or assault
  • Childhood abuse or neglect
  • Death of a loved one
  • Natural disasters

Traumatic events can also occur in adulthood. For example, going to war and experiencing combat is a common source of adulthood trauma. Doctors who work in emergency roles also experience trauma on a regular basis.

How A Trauma Therapy Program Can Treat Addiction

When trauma leads to self-medication, addiction therapy services can help. Licensed therapists and counselors work to get to the root cause of the trauma. It’s important to get to the root cause to deal with the traumatic experience in a healthy way.

This type of psychotherapy involves a number of approaches. Since everyone experiences trauma differently, no one approach will work for everyone. Some of the most common approaches that therapists take include cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional processing, and inner child work.

During counseling, therapists work with clients to develop new coping mechanisms. Finding new ways to cope with trauma can prevent relapse in the future. In general, it helps promote long-term sobriety.

Trauma Therapy Program in Asheville, NC

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Crest View Recovery Center is dedicated to putting clients’ needs first. Many rehab centers simply focus on helping individuals gain sobriety. Although abstinence is a key component of recovery, we want to make sure that you leave our facility equipped to deal with life on life’s terms.

Facets of our substance abuse programs include:

CVRC also offers many on-site amenities to help relieve stress. For example, our clients can all partake in recreational therapy, meditation, and yoga classes while receiving treatment. We also offer programs such as nutritional counseling and acupuncture treatment.

Don’t let a traumatic past consume your life any longer. Get the help that you need to overcome your trauma and addiction in the same process. Reach out to Crest View Recovery Center today at 866-986-1371 to learn more about our trauma therapy program.

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