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Health insurance firms have developed an understanding that addiction is a treatable condition. Insurers have taken the responsibility to cover the cost of addiction treatment as they recognize how alcohol and drug use can affect the life of an individual. Besides this, the long term use of a toxic substance can cause a range of physical and psychiatric consequences down the line. If left untreated, the consequences can turn into various mental and behavioral health conditions. In severe cases, addiction may lead to medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Considering these effects, utilizing Cigna insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab centers is undeniably a positive and productive tool. It works in favor of people who are struggling to get professional help in order to achieve sobriety.

Steps to Take When You Need Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Although insurance for addiction treatment is meant to cover the cost of rehab, the service and policies may differ in different parts of the country. This is why it is so important to properly determine what your insurance policy covers as far as addiction treatment is concerned. Discovering more about these details will help you to find an addiction rehab program that is partially or wholly covered by the insurance plan you have chosen. Insurance coverage that covers addiction rehab has, without a doubt, become an important concern, especially for those who are uncertain about whether or not treatment will be affordable for them.

Generally, people who do not have an insurance policy to cover their addiction rehab choose one of the following options:

  • Payment Plans: Individuals find programs that allow them to pay in monthly installments.
  • Sliding Scale: They choose a treatment facility that has reduced pricing based on the patient’s income.
  • Rehab Scholarships: They opt for rehab grants or scholarships that government organizations offer for treatment.
  • Loans: Individuals request private loans that include personal loans or home equity.
  • Crowd Funding: People may get financial assistance through websites such as YouHelp or GoFundMe.
  • Credit Cards: If addicted individuals have a good credit limit, they may choose to pay off the treatment cost using their credit cards.

Cigna Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Thanks to the current healthcare system, individuals have been given a sense of relief in the form of various treatments for addiction. However, understanding what your Cigna insurance policy coverage is as far as rehab for alcohol or drug abuse is very important, even critical to your success in recovery. After all, the cost of treatment is often one of the biggest obstacles for those who desire to get treatment for substance abuse. But, if you are suffering from an addiction problem, it’s important to avoid letting the cost of rehab prevent you from getting the help you need.

This is where Cigna health insurance coverage comes in. It’s best to find out what your plan will cover and how much (if anything) you will need to pay out-of-pocket. This knowledge will give you the opportunity to make an educated and informed decision about your treatment.

Many individuals throughout the United States use their Cigna Health Insurance when preparing to enroll in drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs. Here at Crest View Recovery Center (CVRC) in Ashville, we work to help those who are seeking a chance to live above alcoholism and drug addiction. We accept various types of insurance, including Cigna, so that our clients can get the professional help they need!

Affordable Care Act – Find the Best Addiction Treatment Center

Finding a substance abuse treatment program that focuses on your overall well-being can be a very cumbersome task. It can be even more challenging to find a good treatment center that presents care that is financially accessible for you. The Affordable Care Act, however, has changed the scenario for many individuals. Signed in 2010, the Affordable Care Act has expanded health insurance coverage under the law, Americans (lawfully present in the USA) are eligible for affordable coverage options; health insurance companies must come up with addiction treatment coverage for individuals who need help overcoming substance abuse.

Here at Crest View Recovery Center, we collaborate with reliable health insurance companies like Cigna Health Insurance to provide the maximum coverage possible for drug and alcohol rehab. We work to make sure you receive all of the benefits your policy provides in regards to addiction detox and treatment. Although coverage plans and policies for addicted individuals may vary from patient to patient, depending on the city and the type of rehab center an individual chooses, certain programs cover most or all of the rehab process to help patients to end substance dependence and abuse in their lives.

Coverage for Detox Through Cigna

Detoxification, commonly referred to as detox, is a powerful aid when it comes to recovering from addiction but as well as various mental illnesses. Although the cleansing process is often thought of as a way to rid the body of drugs or alcohol, it is incredibly effective for treating co-occurring disorders that accompany addiction. The process includes a complete transformation by eliminating harmful chemicals within the body which do not just impair the functions of physical organs but also affect cognitive functions and mental well-being.

In other words, detoxification is one of the essential parts of addiction treatment to purify the body and improve mental health. Addiction experts or medical professionals can help people recover from both mental health and substance disorders. Self-medication or detoxification can have dangerous health consequences. Addicted individuals require clinical care under the supervision of medical professionals in drug rehab centers.

Cigna offers coverage for inpatient and outpatient detox for individuals who need to detox from substance use as they begin the recovery process. But, as we mentioned earlier, coverage details will vary depending on the specifics of a person’s insurance plan, as well as where the individual lives (State) and the type of rehab facility he or she selects. Again, we can help you to determine whether or not your detox here at Crest View will be covered by your Cigna insurance policy.

Mental Illness Coverage Through Cigna

Many individuals who suffer from substance abuse also struggle with mental health disorders, such as stress, trauma, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and so forth. When drug dependence increases, it often deteriorates the mental condition of addicted individuals and leads to the development of behavioral or mental illness. In other situations, individuals who are suffering from mental health disorders may develop a dependence on their prescription medications, illicit drugs, or alcohol.

When drug dependence is combined with mental illness, individuals often experience serious challenges and difficulties. Co-occurring disorders often make it hard for individuals to successfully overcome addiction and treat their mental health disorders. This is why it’s so important for individuals to have a reliable rehab program that offers quality dual diagnosis treatment at an affordable cost.

As time passes, dealing with co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) can become overwhelming. But, when people who have co-occurring disorders are able to get treatment that properly addresses their needs, true recovery becomes more attainable for them.

Cigna offers mental health benefits and your plan may provide at least partial coverage for your mental health treatment. You can contact your insurance provider or the team here at Crest View to learn more about what your policy offers in regards to your treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.

What Makes CVRC Better than Most Other Rehabilitation Institutions?

A plethora of attributes set Crest View Recovery Center apart from other rehab facilities. The addiction experts at CVRC use an entirely different approach when it comes to offering treatment that is comprehensive and ensures complete recovery. We work to provide flexible and individualized treatment programs that can be arranged in ways that best meet the needs of each unique client who comes to us for assistance.

We believe that our approach gives the best results and offers them the opportunity to successfully recover from substance dependence. Our team of experts here at Crest View Recovery Center has designed rehab treatment programs that are focused on the specific needs of the individuals in our care.

Additionally, our programs cater to the requirements of real-world situations. Individuals in recovery can receive medical monitoring and care during regular hours from 9-5 at our rehab center. Once they are done with meetings in the evening time, individuals are allowed to return home to CVRC’s housing facilities.

This rehab structure is tremendously beneficial to those in our care, helping them to develop and strengthen coping strategies and essential life skills. All of these are pivotal for achieving and maintaining a sober lifestyle.

Our treatment program includes activities that are both engaging and helpful, giving people the ability to develop a love for their newfound addiction-free life! Our reality-based therapy program helps individuals who are in recovery to accomplish real-life tasks without using alcohol or drugs to deal with challenging situations.

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If your financial constraints have stopped you from getting the treatment you need in order to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction, CVRC’s collaboration with Cigna drug and alcohol rehab coverage is the solution to your problem. Just call (866) 986-1371 to find out more about your drug rehab coverage and take a step forward towards a healthy and happy life.

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