Why You Should Use Your Cigna Health Insurance at CVRC

With the country’s current healthcare structure, individuals have access to an array of addiction treatment solutions. However, it’s important to not waste your shot at treatment on a subpar facility. If you’re like one of the millions of people in this country with Cigna Health Insurance and are considering a rehabilitation solution, consider Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville.

How the ACA Made Finding Addiction Treatment Easier

Even with health insurance, finding viable substance abuse treatment programs used to be difficult. However, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, that’s no longer the case. Signed into effect in 2010, it mandates that insurance providers have to offer individuals coverage for addiction treatment programs.

At CVRC, we work with providers like Cigna Health Insurance to ensure that people get the most coverage possible. While policies and plans vary from person to person and state to state, there are some instances where individuals can have their entire rehab experience covered.

What Makes CVRC Different from Other Rehab Facilities?

While most medical experts agree that comprehensive treatment is the best way to begin recovery, many facilities don’t take the right approach. Despite the best intentions, some treatment centers offer a rigid, inflexible residential structure that makes rehab almost feel like jail. Others believe in isolating clients in a secluded environment, far away from real-world stressors. At CVRC, we believe both of those approaches are incorrect.

When we designed our rehab treatment program, our first priority was creating a realistic environment that prepared people for real-world situations. Much like a regular 9–5, individuals attend intensive clinical care for eight hours each day. After evening group meetings, they return home to our housing facilities.

In this structure, you will develop real-world coping and life skills that you’ll need to maintain a sober lifestyle. In fact, we even have individuals participate in fun—but purposeful—supervised activities that teach people how to live in their sobriety. For instance, you may not know how to go grocery shopping, or you may not know how to have fun in sobriety. Our reality-based therapy program teaches individuals how to do both, and much more.

Use Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage And Change Your Life

If you’re struggling with addiction and are looking for a way out, treatment at Crest View Recovery Center could be the key to lasting sobriety. We treat various types of addiction treatment, including:

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