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Does Blue Cross Cover Drug Rehab?

BCBS Logo (1)There is no denying that health insurance was considered a luxury in the past. People with low-paying jobs and tight budgets used to feel financially constrained when it came to buying costly health care plans. Blue Cross Blue Shield was no different when it came to drug rehab coverage. People had to save extra money to get the treatment for life-threatening drug addiction problems. For people who did not have health insurance coverage, getting medical care for addiction treatment was very expensive.

Thankfully, the situation is not the same as before, with the approval of the Affordable Care Act. People or addicted individuals now have easy access to various health insurance plans, especially for addiction treatment. The largest insurance company in America, Blue Cross Blue Shield became a vital insurer in regards to covering drug and alcohol rehab.

According to the latest survey, only 14 percent of people used to have health insurance for addiction treatment. The rest of the medical insurance plans did not cover addictions. However, health insurance companies after the Affordable Care Act have started offering coverage for addiction treatment, considering it a mental illness. Although addicted individuals need to pay attention to the specifications and limitations of each insurance program, they can enjoy real benefits to get rid of their chronic substance disorder, even if its treatment is expensive.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Coverage

Under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, all health insurance companies are responsible for providing addiction treatment coverage. The law passed when the medical community declared substance disorder as a debilitating mental illness. Drug addiction comes with pre-existing conditions insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield cannot deny. This is why Blue Cross Blue Shield collaborates with drug rehab centers like CVRC to offer viable treatment options under their coverage.

Insuring over 100 million Americans nationwide, Blue Cross Blue Shield works well with clients and our drug and alcohol rehab center to provide the most cost-efficient treatment for your specific needs. They are one of the largest and most respected insurance providers in the United States with multiple plans such as Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. As a company, they truly care for their clients as much as we do. Additionally, our passionate team is excited for this partnership and we look forward to giving clients more financial options for recovery.

Since 1929, BlueCross BlueShield has been at the forefront of the healthcare industry. They’re committed to providing high-quality and affordable healthcare to all Americans. As a pioneer within the industry, BlueCross BlueShield serves communities across America while building and supporting programs that positively impact healthcare.

Detox Facilities

Detox is a powerful aid for recovering from not only drug addiction but also from mental illness. Being considered a vital aspect to one’s recovery from drug addiction, Blue Cross often covers at least part of the costs of detox facilities.

Although the detox cleansing process is popular to flush away drugs from the body, it is incredibly effective for treating co-occurring disorders that accompany addiction. The process includes a complete transformation by eliminating bodily waste. These toxins do not just impair the functions of physical organs but also affect your cognitive functions and mental well-being.

That is to say; detoxification is one of the essential parts of addiction treatment to purify the body and improve mental health. Only addiction experts or medical professionals can help people recover from both mental health and substance use disorders. Self-medication or detoxification can have dangerous health consequences. Addicted individuals require clinical care under the supervision of medical professionals in drug rehab centers.

Mental Illness Centers

As mentioned above, the Affordable Care Act allows people who suffer from a mental illness to have treatment coverage through their insurance such as Blue Cross. Many addicted individuals suffer from trauma and stress when they are not able to afford addiction treatment. When drug dependence increases, it often deteriorates the mental condition of addicted individuals and leads them to several mental illnesses. Drug dependence with mental illness may take a heavy toll on the patients. Those individuals need a reliable rehab program that offers quality treatment at an affordable cost.

As time passes, dealing with co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis and substance disorder becomes difficult. It is because both alcohol or drug addiction and mental illness such as depression or anxiety have unique symptoms. When combined, the symptoms interfere in the brain functions and disrupt personal and professional life. If mental health issues are left untreated, the drug and alcohol addiction gets worse.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage at the Crest View Drug Rehab

The good news is that Crest View Recovery Center is working in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield health Insurance. The partnership has given addicted patients a sheer amount of mental peace in terms of affording costly addiction treatment. People who are struggling with chronic substance disorder can opt for a high-quality treatment at Crest View Recovery Center without having to worry about their budget.

Unfortunately, many addicted individuals are not able to attend alcohol or drug rehabilitation due to expensive treatment options. The thought of bearing the expenses for rehab is scarier than seeking treatment for some addicts that can add to their anxiety.

Drug rehab through Blue Cross Blue Shield is a great option when it comes to making addiction treatment affordable. The addiction coverage program has facilitated 106 million addicted individuals in America. Since it has partnered with Crest View Recovery Center, a lot of drug addicts are now able to afford drug rehab. The easy-to-opt policies of Blue Cross Blue Shield limits the drug rehab cost significantly.

Begin Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Asheville, NC Today

At Crest View Recovery Center, we use recovery treatments that are designed on a comprehensive structure like a continual care model. We incorporate services that aim to facilitate addicted individuals until they overcome their drug addiction completely. Unlike other drug rehab centers that discharge patients before achieving complete sobriety.

Our qualified and compassionate addiction experts understand the importance of developing addiction tolerance by learning coping strategies. This is one of the reasons they try all their avenues to offer help to addicted individuals. This teaches each person to survive with real-life challenges. Our reality therapy is quintessential when it comes to preparing addicted individuals in real-life situations. We use evidence-based approaches to help patients deal and manage post-treatment life.

It is important to remember that health insurance policies may vary. That is why you need to know what your addiction coverage policy covers. Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab coverage offers a portion of coverage for your drug treatment. CVRC maintains collaboration with your health insurance provider to ensure that people receive quality drug treatments.

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