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Alcohol-Addiction-Treatment-ProgramFinancially speaking, alcohol addiction and abuse problems cost our country approximately $249 billion annually. However, you can’t possibly put a price tag on the emotional distress it causes individuals and their families. Approximately 1.5 million adults received therapy for alcoholism near them in 2014. While this number may seem large, it represents less than 10 percent of the people who actually need treatment. If you or someone you love needs help, Crest View Recovery is one of the top alcohol rehabs in Asheville, NC, and we can guide you down the path to sobriety with our alcohol addiction treatment center.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease. When individuals develop alcoholism, their entire lives revolve around searching for the next drink. However, the lines often become quite blurry when it comes to identifying the true problem. Many people have difficulty determining whether they are simply engaging in casual drinking or problem drinking. Some people may actually have a full-blown addiction to alcohol without realizing it.

Alcohol is a legal substance that many people drink occasionally. In fact, many individuals can drink socially without developing any kind of issue. They may have a couple of drinks to “unwind” and they are usually able to stop drinking whenever they want. However, problems can start to arise when people start binge drinking

Binge drinking is, unfortunately, a common type of excessive alcohol use problem. When a person is engaging in binge drinking, it means that he or she is consuming alcoholic beverages in excess during a short period of time. Sadly, many individuals struggle with this issue on a regular basis.

However, some people can abuse alcohol and then stop in the face of negative health-related, social, or legal consequences. However, those who have an addiction to alcohol, or any other substance, do not have a “stop” button. Even when their social, familial, or employment situations begin crumbling, they can’t put down the bottle. In most cases, professional treatment is the best option for people whose lives become controlled by alcohol and addiction. No one who has a substance use disorder (SUD) can overcome the problem on their own. Thankfully, however, the specialists at CVRC are here to help you begin recovery from alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

When you make the brave decision to seek alcohol addiction treatment centers such as ours in Asheville, NC, be prepared for withdrawal symptoms to begin as early as two hours after your last drink. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be potentially life-threatening and can persist for weeks if left untreated. Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Shakiness
  • Mild anxiety
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Fever
  • Seizures

As withdrawal symptoms are often uncomfortable—and in some cases fatal— the team here at Crest View in Asheville, NC may recommend that you start the recovery process with medical detox. We partner with a qualified detox facility to ensure professionals monitor your safety and stability while cleansing your body of alcohol.

Reality Therapy for Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

Many treatment centers approach alcohol addiction therapy from the wrong angle which is why Crest View focuses heavily on a reality-based approach here in Asheville, NC. While starting in some sort of rehab treatment program is ideal, some substance abuse treatment centers can feel like jail. Structure and supervision are important. But too much of the latter can be suffocating during treatment.

For this reason, our Asheville, NC alcohol addiction treatment center focuses on reality-based therapy. While our evidence-based clinical care is vital to the process, we also believe in putting our clients in real-world situations.

At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, NC, we utilize a reality-based therapy model to treat alcohol addiction. This approach helps individuals develop effective coping techniques that you’ll use long after treatment is complete. Having practical strategies allows individuals to properly respond to triggers and avoid relapse.

Dual Diagnosis to Treat Alcohol Addiction

Our intensive outpatient alcohol treatment offers a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program for those who are looking to recover from alcohol addiction. Many times, people who are struggling with substance abuse also suffer from the effects of a mental health disorder. Sometimes, those who are living with alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction problems also have mental illnesses such as:

There are various causes for the presence of co-occurring disorders. For some people, substance abuse actually leads to the development of a mental health disorder. For example, an individual who drinks excessively may begin to suffer from anxiety. But, in other cases, people develop addictions after and as a result of their mental illness. For instance, a person who suffers from depression may drink alcohol in order to cope with the symptoms of his or her mental health disorder. Eventually, the individual may start to depend heavily on alcohol and, after a while, become addicted to it.

In many cases, co-occurring disorders affect one another. In other words, a person’s depression may worsen because of his or her excessive alcohol use. Or, an individual’s alcoholism may become more severe because of his or her anxiety.

When a person suffers from the effects of co-occurring disorders, it’s important to seek the right kind of help. Individuals who have mental health concerns in addition to harmful substance use habits should seek professional help. But individuals should be sure to find a program that will address their specific and unique needs.

This is where dual diagnosis programs come in. Those who are dealing with co-occurring disorders have what professionals call a “dual diagnosis”. Treating one issue without addressing the other can make recovery more difficult or even impossible. So, specific and individualized treatment is critical to the individual’s recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Therapy

When it comes to ending addiction, therapy is often a critical component. Those who try to overcome alcoholism on their own often struggle to remain free from alcohol abuse after a while. Many people return to alcohol use and abuse after a while because they simply don’t have the tools they need. It can be hard to stay on track when you don’t have the tools you need in order to avoid relapse.

But, therapy helps to equip people with skills for relapse prevention. Here at Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, NC, we understand the importance of various types of therapy. So, we offer different therapeutic approaches to help our clients throughout the recovery journey.

We offer the following types of therapy to treat alcohol addiction in Asheville, NC:

All of these therapeutic approaches offer specific and necessary benefits to those in treatment. For example, individual therapy is helpful in providing a safe place where people can speak one-on-one with a therapist. In this setting, individuals can discuss their struggles and develop coping skills without fear of judgment or discomfort.

Group therapy, on the other hand, provides people with a safe place to talk with others who are on the road to recovery. Groups of individuals in treatment along with professional therapists can talk about the victories and challenges of recovery! This allows individuals to develop a sense of community and togetherness. It also gives people the accountability they need in order to stay on the right track.

Additional Benefits of Psychotherapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Some types of psychotherapy include creative arts therapy, psychoanalysis, and animal-assisted therapy. Psychotherapy is especially helpful for those who are dealing with mental illness and addiction.

Many individuals suffer from the effects of grief, trauma, stress, depression, or any other emotional disturbances. These issues can cause addiction to become even more severe in people’s lives. Fortunately, these individuals can get the help they need through psychotherapy.

Family therapy is another important type of therapy for those recovering from substance abuse. Addiction affects the individual who is suffering, but it also impacts his or her family. The parents, children, spouse, friends, and other loved ones feel the effects. This is why family therapy is so important.

Individuals who have addictions often struggle to connect with their loved ones. They may become irritable or withdraw completely from their friends and family members. Also, addiction can lead to financial hardship as individuals may use their money to feed their substance use habits. Families can suffer from debt or lack of necessities because of drug or alcohol abuse.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to remember the whole family during the recovery process. The individual who is struggling with alcoholism needs healing. But, so does his or her family. This is why family therapy is so important.

Through this therapy, family members can get an education about their loved one’s addiction. This helps families to become more clear about what addiction is and how it has impacted their family member. It also helps individuals to understand what their recovering friend or family member is dealing with.

This therapy approach gives families the space and time they need to work through the effects of addiction. Here at Crest View Recovery Center, we work to make sure healing is accessible to everyone, including entire families!

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers Near You

Our inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction understands that our program should address the specific needs of our clients. Our team is aware of the fact that our clients need and deserve a full continuum of care.

Our inpatient treatment program can help people who are working to end addiction. This intensive approach to addiction treatment requires individuals to live at our rehab center for the duration of their treatment. While living at our facility, our clients can have access to medical and professional help 24/7! Also, this program helps to eliminate any negative influences that might be present at home or within one’s community.

We also offer an intensive outpatient program, or an IOP. Many people think of this type of program as a good way to transition from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment. Just as it is with inpatient and outpatient treatment, individuals can have access to therapists and medical professionals.

Regardless of the type of treatment program you enroll in, you can get the help you need here at CVRC!

Addressing Your Concerns Regarding Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Many things may concern people who are considering alcohol treatment centers in Asheville, NC. For some, the thought of leaving home and familiar surroundings in order to get help through an inpatient program is overwhelming. Others may find it difficult to imagine a life without alcohol dependence. In other cases, people may question the effectiveness of treatment for substance abuse. What if it doesn’t work? Many people wonder if it’s even worth it.

Another concern people may have when it comes to addiction treatment is the financial side of things. It’s common for people to wonder if they can even afford to pay for rehab. But, there’s good news!

Here at Crest View, we understand these concerns. We know that our clients may feel uncomfortable about a lot of things regarding addiction rehab. So, we work hard to make sure each person has the answers and assurance they need when considering treatment.

We are dedicated to providing effective and intensive care for each one of our patients. Also, we aim to make paying for treatment easier by accepting various insurance plans. You will never have to feel alone or be afraid about the next step on your journey. We’ll be with you all the way!

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment in Asheville, NC

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, you have undoubtedly faced some major challenges. Addiction has a way of affecting people in every area of their lives. Perhaps your family has fallen apart. Maybe you’ve lost good friends. Or, maybe addiction has damaged your physical body, causing various illnesses and changes. Whatever the case may be, you can find the alcohol addiction help you need here at Crest View.

Our team is dedicated to your well-being. We want to make recovery both accessible and attainable for you. This is why we work to provide our clients with only the best and most comprehensive care.

At our alcohol addiction treatment program in Asheville, our goal is to make sure each of our patients gets what they need in order to overcome alcohol addiction. So, if you’ve been struggling with alcoholism, know that there is hope for you. Addiction often causes people to feel hopeless and helpless. Sometimes, individuals feel trapped, as though there is no way out. This can be an overwhelming and saddening mindset. But, here at Crest View, our goal is to make sure each of our patients gets what they need in order to overcome addiction. So, if you’ve been struggling with alcoholism, know that there is hope for you!

You don’t have to let an alcohol addiction control the rest of your life. Call Crest View Recovery Center today at (866) 327-2505 to speak with our staff. You can gain any admissions information you need and begin your journey to recovery. No matter what doubts or concerns you may be facing, please know that we’re here to help. You deserve to live a life that is free from alcohol addiction. So, please allow us to be a part of making that possible for you. Contact us today to start your recovery story!

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