29.2% of American adults who entered treatment in 2017 did so for both drug and alcohol abuse.

True addiction recovery requires a comprehensive rehab treatment program. In order to achieve sobriety, individuals have to address and modify their lifestyles as well as their addictive behaviors. While seeking treatment is necessary, it’s important to choose the right program at the right facility. Crest View Recovery Center’s individualized Rehab Treatment Program has helped many clients achieve sobriety and overall wellness.

About Our Rehab Treatment Program

We recommend that clients beginning their recovery journeys start with our rehab treatment program. Just like an addiction didn’t develop overnight, you won’t magically recover with just a few sessions. On average, clients spend between 35–45 days working with counselors, therapists, psychiatrists and other staff members to get to the root of their addictions. In fact, depending upon their addiction and mental health histories, some can spend up to 90 days at this level of treatment.

What Is a Reality Therapy Program?

A Reality therapy program is one that focuses on practical methods for maintaining sobriety. It is centered on problem-solving and making goal-oriented decisions that build a better future. At its core, reality therapy is about creating an action plan for long term sobriety.

During this time, individuals can take advantage of different therapeutic approaches, including:

At CVRC, we wholeheartedly believe in providing an effective but realistic recovery environment. Some facilities believe in a more institutionalized approach to residential treatment. This can make many individuals feel like they’re trapped in recovery. Our rehab treatment program has all the benefits of an inpatient program while still giving individuals the chance to find themselves in sobriety.

Our program features intensive clinical care for eight hours during the day, activities centered around treatment goals in the evening, and living in spacious, gender-specific housing during the process. Although you’ll be under supervision and strict substance abuse guidelines, you’ll begin to develop a higher level of accountability.

Our ground-breaking facility in Asheville treats various substance abuse issues, including:

Rehab Treatment Programs We Offer:

  • Addiction Treatment with Supervised Housing
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment
  • 90 Day Rehab Program
  • 12 Step Program

How Our Reality-Based Model Aids in Rehab Treatment

At CVRC, our team believes that reality therapy is an effective approach in helping individuals overcome addictive behaviors. Many residential treatment centers rely solely on traditional therapeutic approaches. While evidence-based therapy provides the foundation for many of our programs, reality-based therapy gives individuals a way to put progress into practice.

Even though completing substance abuse programs is definitely a noteworthy goal, you or someone you love should strive to get the most out of treatment. Our staff guides individuals in real-world situations and teaches them skills, coping strategies, and best practices. It could be something as simple as teaching individuals how to properly shop for groceries or deal with daily social interactions. Through reality therapy, our clients leave our facility better equipped to deal with the real world.

Specialized Treatment Programs at Crest View Recovery Center:

Men’s and Women’s Rehab Programs

Young Adult Rehab Center

Trauma Therapy

Health and Wellness Program

Family Therapy

In 2017, over half of American adults entering addiction treatment chose an outpatient program.

A Rehab Treatment Program is Just One Step Along Your Recovery Journey

If you ask those who have been in active recovery for years, they’ll tell you that the journey to sustainable sobriety is ongoing. After completing rehab treatment at our Asheville, North Carolina facility, we almost always recommend continuing with our intensive outpatient program. As you get used to living independently with your newfound sobriety, you’ll attend therapy a few times a week to ensure that you stay on the right path.

Once you’ve finished IOP, we offer access to our alumni program to help you stay in touch with both CVRC and peers in recovery.

Ready to conquer your addiction? Let the professionals at Crest View Recovery Center guide you to a productive substance-free life. Call 866.327.2505.

“I went to Crestview broken and hopeless. By the time I reached them I had given up on myself. The admissions staff went above and beyond to help me. I was welcomed with nothing but kindness and understanding. The staff really does know their recovery and were willing to do whatever they could to help me succeed in my long term recovery. I am proud to say that I have over 9 months sober today and owe it to crestview and their staff”

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