Will Aetna Health Insurance Cover My Rehab?

While deciding to make a change and seek professional addiction treatment can be exciting, the decision can also cause added stress. Besides taking steps to change your lifestyle, there are also financial implications. However, paying for rehab doesn’t have to be stressful. Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville makes using your Aetna drug rehab coverage easy, which paves the way for your upcoming journey.

Paying For Rehab With Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage

When the Affordable Care Act came to life in 2010, it required all health insurance providers to offer at least partial addiction treatment coverage. This should give Aetna policyholders struggling with addiction peace of mind. At the very least, now you know that you won’t have to come entirely out of pocket to pay for rehab.

Because Aetna is one of the biggest insurance companies in our country, not all plans and policies are the same. Our admission staff at CVRC can help you verify your Aetna insurance to ensure that you get the most coverage possible. In fact, because we’re a fully licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, you may be able to receive treatment at little to no additional costs.

Why You Should Use Your Aetna Health Insurance at Our Rehab Facility

While it’s true that most reputable treatment facilities will accept your Aetna Health Insurance, realize that not all treatment centers are the same. Some rely strictly upon evidence-based therapies, while others believe only in alternative practices. Some centers only offer outpatient options, while others offer 24/7 residential treatment that provides a cold, institutionalized experience.

At CVRC, your recovery doesn’t come in a pre-packaged box. During our admission process, we get to know each and every individual. After learning about your family, addiction, and overall physical and mental health history, we establish a comprehensive treatment plan with your sobriety goals in mind.

Reality therapy plays a huge role during our Rehab Treatment program. We don’t want to lock you away in a cold facility or throw you out in the wilderness. We believe in putting individuals in real-life situations, giving them the chance to develop effective coping techniques and real-world life skills. When combined with top-notch clinical therapy, our substance abuse programs give people the tools they need to succeed in post-treatment life.

Use your Aetna Health Insurance and start recovery the right way. Call Crest View Recovery now at 866.327.2505 to verify your insurance and learn more about Aetna drug rehab coverage.

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