Proven, effective treatments make up the bulk of high-quality rehab for any substance abuse problem. Now, more and more facilities also add a holistic approach to addiction treatment. However, these modalities can’t stand alone.

Understanding the Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatmentholistic approach to addiction treatment

As with any type of rehab, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Customization is the key to success. For example, possible holistic treatments include:

Some may consider these treatments as non-traditional. It’s true they’re not the same as behavioral therapy or group sessions for relapse prevention. Instead, they address your need for healing from a spiritual and emotional angle. Moreover, the goal is for your mind and body to regain equilibrium.

Why the Restoration of Balance is Crucial in Rehab

Behavioral therapy looks back. It investigates why you started using drugs or alcohol. It opens up doors to experiences from your past. Moreover, it enables you to deal with situations that are still affecting you to this day.

Examples of typical treatments include:

A holistic approach to Addiction Treatment is forward-looking. In fact, it anticipates bumps in the road and prepares you for facing them. It can’t give you people skills. That said, it provides you with coping mechanisms.

Case in point is meditation. Specifically, it teaches you to focus, and you’re able to pinpoint triggers as they appear. By identifying them, you can then use the skills you learn in psychotherapy to move on. Moreover, adding breathing exercises to the mix is vital.

This part of meditation keeps you in control of your responses. As part of a holistic approach to addiction treatment, it works together with dialectical behavior therapy. In this treatment, therapists help you regulate emotional responses under challenging circumstances.

Focusing on Physical Wellness

A holistic rehab center recognizes that healing takes place on multiple planes. It’s not enough to get your cravings under control. Instead, program participants also need help with overall wellness.

In fact, drug abuse takes a significant toll on the body. Returning to a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit can take some time.

The holistic therapies you begin at the treatment facility are only a start. The goal is for you to find therapy that works well and then continue them. Doing so provides countless benefits. In addition, you’re getting healthier since you work on physical fitness.

Drugs and alcohol no longer hold the same appeal. Combating cravings becomes easier. In this way, the holistic modalities tie in with relapse prevention strategies.

Can You Still Heal Without Holistic Treatments?

Experiencing healing without holistic modalities is possible. Specifically, proven therapies have a long-standing success rate. However, why would you choose a facility that doesn’t offer you every possibility of healing? By not providing you with holistic therapies, it’s fair to say that you’re not receiving excellent care.

In fact, these modalities are so popular that people don’t mind traveling to excellent-quality facilities to receive them. For example, Crest View Recovery Center brings in clients from across the country who are looking for holistic treatment. When you’re ready to quit using, our therapists want to help you find balance and healing. Learn more about us today by calling 866-327-2505 now.