To overcome addiction, having help is key. Your chance of successful sobriety increases when you surround yourself with trained professionals, medical experts, and a supportive environment. Moreover, if you’re searching for an Asheville rehabilitation center, Crest View Recovery Center is the perfect fit. Explore the benefits of rehab in Asheville and learn more about what makes a rehab program a truly great destination for recovery.

The Appeal of an Asheville Rehabilitation Center

There are many things that potential clients should consider when choosing the right rehab program. Often, rehab centers in Asheville NC are a top pick because of their location. In fact, Asheville is a popular vacation destination, and it holds a lot of appeal to visitors, as well as clients.

The small city of Asheville is in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. While it offers all four seasons, it doesn’t have the harsh winters of many other major cities. With a quirky, progressive vibe and amazing scenery, Asheville is a place that many people find intriguing.

Clients who need to enroll in a rehab program often find Asheville to be an appealing destination for recovery. Sometimes, that appeal is the difference between attending rehab and postponing treatment. If the mountains, climate, and atmosphere can encourage recovery, then it’s a great choice for prospective clients.

Understanding Reality Therapy

At an Asheville rehabilitation center, clients shouldn’t be cooped up in a sterile facility that is completely different from ordinary life. However, if that happens, the transition back to everyday life can seem overwhelming. A much better idea is to choose Crest View Recovery Center, where reality therapy is a key part of the treatment.

In fact, reality therapy is all about recreating the routine of everyday life. Clients wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, and transition to a full day of clinical support. In the evenings, there may be group therapy sessions. Then, clients head back to their gender-specific housing, which is designed to feel more like a home than a hospital.

This schedule is similar to what most people experience on a regular basis. While there is plenty of supervision and support along the way, clients can ease into a normal and sober life. Furthermore, this slow transition is easier than an abrupt shift from rehab to independence, which could result in relapse.

Treat the Disease, Not Just the Symptoms

At CRVC, rehab is about far more than just addressing the symptoms of addiction. In order to truly overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to address the root issues. Often, these underlying issues require one-on-one therapy with a psychiatrist.

When clients receive help with mental health or a history of trauma, they are stronger and better able to continue to a lifetime of sobriety. In addition, these previous issues can be resolved, which means they won’t interfere with recovery. If relapse is one of the biggest risks to sobriety, in-depth therapy has to be part of any great treatment or rehab program.

The Benefits of Recreation Therapy

Rehab is not a prison sentence, and sobriety isn’t the antidote to a fun life. Unfortunately, however, many rehab centers frame recovery as a tough or boring part of life. The reality is that the right rehab programs can have plenty of enjoyable elements. For example, including recreational therapy into rehab is the best way to do just that.

Spending a morning doing yoga in the fresh air might be one way to bring joy while in recovery. However, other clients might thrive on a hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Recreational therapy can boost mood, circulation, and endorphins, all of which are critical during addiction recovery.

Rehab at Crest View Recovery Center

At Crest View Recovery Center, rehab programs are designed so that clients can have holistic and comprehensive support. Moreover, treatment digs deeper than just the symptoms, and clients can tailor the program to their needs. For example, some effective therapies at CVRC include:

An Asheville rehabilitation center might be the right place for you to overcome addiction. At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, you can fight back against addiction once and for all. Explore holistic rehab and your path to recovery by contacting us today. You can reach out to us by calling (866) 327-2505 today.