Some say that drinking to excess is a rite of passage for college students. However, this statement belies the fact that alcoholism in college can result in a life-threatening condition. An untreated drinking problem that begins in the young adult years turns into a workplace alcohol abuse situation. Far too many people with an alcohol abuse issue today developed it in either college or even earlier. Due to this, awareness about alcohol abuse and addiction should begin as early as possible. Even for those under the legal drinking age.

How Serious is Alcohol Abuse in the College Setting? alcoholism in college

It’s not a rite of passage. Besides that, for many, it’s not a phase that they outgrow. What starts as a way to fit in or enjoy yourself on the weekends can spiral out of control. Therefore, college drinking often becomes an unfortunate lifelong habit for some.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reveals that 60 percent of students drank alcohol in the last month. Of these, two out of three admit to binge drinking in that time. One out of four encounters alcohol-related academic problems. Each year, college drinking proves fatal for 1,825 students.

Alcoholism in College Turns into an Alcohol Use Disorder in Adulthood

When young adults don’t undergo addiction therapy, they develop a drinking problem that sticks with them. Moreover, it’ll have far-reaching consequences that affect job search success, performance, and relationships. They begin to have health problems that interfere with daily life. Most importantly, they are more likely to suffer from a lifetime of psychological conditions. All of this could have potentially begun in casual drinking settings in college. For this reason, alcohol awareness programs can not start early enough.

Getting Help in Rehab

Alcoholism in college doesn’t have to describe your life’s trajectory. In fact, young adult rehab hones in on the treatment needs that are unique to you. They differ significantly from someone who is even just a decade older. For example, possible modalities include:

The problem with alcohol abuse is the ease with which you can get the drug. After all, people frequently turn a blind eye to someone overdoing it.

Practice what it’s like to live with a use disorder in real time. Good-quality facilities provide you guidance while taking you to area restaurants, movie theaters, and other venues. Furthermore, you interact with others and recognize weak spots. When you return to the facility, you know where you need to undergo additional personal growth for alcoholism in college.

Reach out for Help Now

Don’t spend your college career drinking to excess and suffering the consequences. Alcoholism in college is no small matter, and the sooner you get help, the easier the treatment will be. At Crest View Recovery Center, experts in addiction treatment want to help you. Call 866-327-2505 today for immediate access to an intake specialist who’ll answer your questions.

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