OxyContin contains oxycodone. It’s one of the most-prescribed painkillers in the United States. Due to its availability, the risk of OxyContin abuse is high. In fact, abusing this drug has already cost many users their lives.

A man feels the consequences of Oxycontin abuseHow Bad is the OxyContin Abuse Problem?

Unlike opiates such as heroin, you don’t need extensive paraphernalia for abusing OxyContin. Hiding pill abuse is remarkably easy. However, you still receive the rush and euphoric sensation that the pain pill delivers. For many users, pain pills are gateways to heroin.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention names OxyContin among the most common drugs in prescription overdose deaths. On average, 46 people die each day because of a prescription opioid overdose. In 2016, 40 percent of opioid overdose fatalities had to do with prescription painkillers.

Who’s at Risk for Developing a Painkiller Addiction?

The CDC places the highest risk for people between the ages of 25 and 54. However, therapists at Crest View Recovery Center see plenty of younger and older program participants with OxyContin abuse and dependency. In fact, you’re at risk for dependence even if you follow your doctor’s orders. Here’s how it works.

When you receive a bona fide prescription, you start taking the pain pill. After a few weeks, your body develops a tolerance. As a result, you have to increase the dose. The drug now changes the way that dopamine release works even as it relieves your pain.

On the flipside, there are program participants who start OxyContin abuse from the onset. In fact, they began with high doses to get high. Many like feeling euphoric and well. They also use the painkillers for the relaxation that high doses provide.

OxyContin manipulates dopamine levels in both types of users. When you overdo the dose, it creates a sudden dopamine glut. Because you want to experience it again, you’ll do anything you can to recreate the feeling. For some, this means crushing the pills and snorting them or even injecting them.

Getting Help for OxyContin Abuse

Are you struggling with OxyContin addiction? If so, you’re not alone. Many people fell victim to dependency. Some started with a prescription, and things went out of hand.

Others received the pills from a friend and experienced the high. They have been getting their pills from friends or on the street. No matter how you got to this point, rehab is the way out of the vicious cycle of drug abuse.

At Crest View Recovery Center, addiction treatment specialists customize a treatment approach for you. They take into account your reasons for using as well as your typical drug abuse habits. For example, possible therapeutic interventions include:

The Importance of Gender-Specific Group Therapy

At Crest View Recovery Center, substance abuse programs include gender-specific group sessions. The reason for this is the need for meetings that cater to inherent strengths. They allow counselors to challenge you in ways that you’ll respond to. Moreover, they provide the peer feedback and support that’s critical at this point in your life, struggling with OxyContin abuse.

Mixed groups can be useful in some situations. However, they generally fail to provide you with the emotional support that you crave. Therefore, therapists use these settings only sparingly.

You don’t have to continue struggling with OxyContin abuse. It won’t get better on its own. Don’t become a statistic. Reach out for help to Crest View Recovery Center today by dialing 866-350-5622 now.