When someone suffers from an addiction, they can develop a number of oxycodone side effects. These side effects can happen during the addiction or once the individual quits. With the right care, clients can begin recovering from their addiction.

A man suffers from Oxycodone side effects What Are the Oxycodone Side Effects?

If someone has an addiction, they may develop oxycodone side effects. They may try to borrow or take money to buy oxycodone. Loved ones may notice that they miss work or have poor performance at school. If the individual has an addiction, they may try to quit and fail. Even when abusing drugs is risky, they may continue to do so.

Physically, the individual may develop weight loss, balance issues or itchiness. Loved ones may notice that they seem numb to pain or drowsy. Because this drug is a depressant, they may develop slow, shallow breathing. They may have dilated pupils, a faint pulse and excessive yawning.

Emotionally, the individual may go through mood swings or angry outbursts. They may suffer from anxiety, impaired memory or poor concentration. Over time, they may lose interest in their favorite activities because of their addiction.

Lifestyle Effects of an Oxycodone Addiction

While the physical oxycodone side effects are severe, the individual may also develop problems in their life. They may become socially isolated or develop marital problems. The addiction may lead to financial ruin, joy loss or legal issues.

Mentally, the individual may suffer from suicidal thoughts. Because of impaired coordination and judgment, they may become injured. The addiction can damage interpersonal relationships, so the individual may need family therapy and counseling when they decide to become sober.

Without the right help, an oxycodone addiction can lead to damaged vision. It can also damage the heart and lungs. Because of the many side effects, it is important that individuals get professional help when they quit using oxycodone.

What Are the Withdrawal Symptoms?

Once someone quits using, they may experience oxycodone side effects. These symptoms are more likely if the individual has used oxycodone for longer or in higher doses. The initial withdrawal symptoms include symptoms like sweating, vomiting, tremors, shakiness and watery eyes. The individual may suffer from insomnia, stomach cramps, nausea, muscle spasms, diarrhea or a loss of appetite.

If someone is experiencing an overdose, they may have a slow heartbeat and shallow breathing. They may seem confused or lose consciousness. The individual may also develop a blue-colored tint around their lips or fingertips. If someone is having an overdose, they need to get medical treatment right away.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

With oxycodone addiction treatment, clients can get the recovery help they need. Through reality therapy, clients can get a real-life environment and peer support. They can learn coping strategies and life skills that help to manage the addiction. With the right treatment program, clients can get help through programs such as:

While oxycodone side effects may be severe, the right support can help clients start a healthy, sober lifestyle. If you or a loved one has an addiction, you can take the first step toward recovery by going to drug rehab. To find out how Crest View Recovery Center can help, call us at 866-327-2505 today.