Meth, also known as methamphetamine, is an incredibly dangerous and addictive drug. Moreover, meth effects can include physical symptoms, but they also include emotional, financial, and psychological problems. The only way to eliminate the effects of meth use is to stop the abuse altogether. At Crest View Recovery Center, you can fight back against the side effects of meth addiction once and for all.

What Is Meth?

Meth is a short, slang name for the drug methamphetamine. However, it has several other street names too, including chalk, crystal, ice, or speed.

Meth is a very addictive and powerful stimulant that interacts with the central nervous system. In fact, when it first emerged, doctors gave it to people in bronchial inhalers or nasal decongestants.

How Do People Use Meth?

The drug comes in different forms, so people take it in various ways. In general, it takes the form of an odorless, white and bitter-tasting powder. It’s also available in crystal form, known as crystal meth.

One of the most common ways to take crystal meth is to smoke it in a pipe. Moreover, this method is very similar to how people smoke crack cocaine.

People can also dissolve meth in water and drink it or inject it. Some users swallow or snort the drug as well.

Underlying Problems Leading to Meth Abuse and Addiction

As said before, using meth is a one-way, dead-end street starting with your own unique root problems. These problems require identification and meth withdrawal treatment for you to stop engaging in risky behaviors. Otherwise, even stopping your meth use will only lead to other substance abuse or addictions.

Treating your root problems first means figuring out what makes up those roots. For many people, these underlying conditions include one or more mental illnesses. Mental illness makes you mentally and physically uncomfortable in everyday life. Whether you suffer bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD or any of a wide range of mental issues, your cravings for your drug equal cravings for a more stable life.

Many people also abuse meth to escape their current life situation. If you find yourself stuck in a stagnant lifestyle or feeling trapped, addiction rehab therapies help.

Short-Term Physical Effects of Meth Usemeth effects

Often, the meth effects that are publicized are the ones that take weeks or months to appear. However, the side effects of meth can start appearing just seconds after consumption. There is no such thing as a safe way to use meth, and ingesting the drug can immediately cause physical problems.

Since meth is a stimulant, it can start increasing body temperature right away. In fact, blood pressure and heart rate can also rise just minutes after using meth. It’s also common to experience a loss of appetite as well as the inability to fall asleep. Furthermore, many meth users also struggle with irritability, drastic mood swings, panic, nausea, or hallucinations.

Long-Term Physical Effects of Meth Use

Over time, the physical side effects of meth use will only worsen. Specifically, one of the biggest effects is the body’s change with tolerance. When tolerance changes, users will need more and more meth to feel the same effects. Therefore, this can quickly lead to an addiction to methamphetamine.

Along with the development of an addiction, meth abuse can cause a wide range of serious health problems. If meth is smoked, it can cause problems for the respiratory system. If meth if sniffed, it may destroy tissues in the nasal cavity.

In addition, meth use can also cause permanent damage to the heart and the brain. High blood pressure is very common among meth users, which can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Also common among those addicted to meth is tooth decay, known as meth mouth. Malnutrition and weight loss are just a few more of the side effects linked to the chronic use and abuse of meth.

Psychological Meth Effects

While the physical side effects of meth are definitely problematic, they are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, meth impacts more than just your body. It can also impact your mental health in countless ways.

In some meth users, psychosis is possible. For example, it’s very normal for individuals on meth to be paranoid. Many start believing that others are after them, and they may withdraw from social circles in order to have more privacy. Some even experience voices in their heads or powerful hallucinations.

Many meth users struggle with depression. However, meth is only a temporary stimulant, and it always leaves users worse off than beforehand. Many meth users also experience anxiety. In some cases, violence or confusion can also arise as a direct result of meth use.

Understanding Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Despite knowing you need help, you might fear going through meth withdrawal symptoms. But consider that a licensed and accredited detox center provides the comforts and care you need to get through meth withdrawal symptoms as easily as possible.

The meth withdrawal symptoms an accredited medically supervised detox helps you overcome include:

  • Fatigue, extreme sleepiness, and lethargy
  • Increased appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Jitteriness
  • Depression
  • Self-harm or aggression to others

Meth is fast-acting. This means it quickly takes effect and quickly leaves your system. Meth withdrawal starts within your first 24 hours of not using the drug, peaking within the first seven to 10 days. In 14 to 20 days, you start feeling the benefits of being drug-free. Most people feel clear-headed and “clean” by day 14.

So what happens once you complete meth detox? How do you remain free of your drug abuse? Those answers come to you through accredited rehab treatment that starts immediately after your meth detox program. Without this important treatment, you place yourself at almost definite risk for meth relapse.

Other Ways That Meth Use Can Detract From Your Quality of Life

It’s nearly impossible to quantify the many ways that meth use can ruin your life. For example, meth can damage close relationships, ruin careers, and bring about financial ruin. Many meth users even face criminal or legal action as a direct result of their drug addiction.

When you’re under the influence of meth, your behavior and even your personality can change. Specifically, meth can make people lie, cheat, and steal. These actions can cause severe problems with friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family members.

Using meth also means that no other responsibilities will seem important. Work, school, and paying the bills will pale in comparison to continued drug abuse. Obviously, this can lead to a long list of problems.

Overcoming Meth Abuse at Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, NC

The effects of meth are only avoidable if you’re able to stop using meth altogether. At Crest View Recovery Center, rehab treatment combats addiction and gives clients the tools they need for lifelong sobriety. Our programs include help for the underlying conditions of your meth addiction or meth abuse. Conditions often include mental illnesses like depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, or PTSD. Whatever your reason for abusing meth, those reasons are addressed with quality rehab treatment. For example, effective treatment methods for clients include:

Addiction treatment is the only truly effective way to combat meth abuse and addiction. At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, you can gain the skills you need for lifelong recovery. End addiction in your life for good by calling 866-327-2505 right away.