12 Step support meetings are an integral part of recovery. For people struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, they can be life-changing. What exactly is a 12 Step treatment program? And how will it help you, specifically?

What a 12 Step Treatment Program is Not

12 Step Treatment Program Meeting at CVRCSome people mistakenly believe that peers in recovery will preach to them during a meeting. However, it’s important to remember that these meetings aren’t church services. Although these programs mention a higher power, no particular deity can lay claim to this title. For this reason, pagans and agnostics have no problem participating alongside Christians and those of other faiths.

Also, don’t expect to share a lot of gossip at the meetings. Participants open up about their struggles and expect you to keep information from going outside meetings. Even as members use authentic language to describe thoughts and feelings, everyone tries to keep it positive. It’s a huge change from active addiction, which often amplifies and promotes negative daily interactions.

Moreover, the program doesn’t involve a lot of handholding. Facilitators expect each participant to work at becoming and staying sober. Although the non-judgmental atmosphere promotes peer support, you won’t find coddling or patience for pity parties. Of course, that’s one of the reasons why so many people flock to the meetings.

Benefits of Entering and Staying in a Local Program

Getting involved with a 12 Step treatment program adds to your addiction therapy without replacing it. You’ll notice that meetings don’t flow in the same way as a group therapy session. That said, you do have the opportunity to receive ample peer support from others working on recovery.

Expanding on your addiction treatment in this way provides you a variety of benefits such as:

  • Stress relief through venting that would be considered challenging in a more formal group therapy setting
  • Peer group formation, which lets you reap the benefits of positive peer pressure when you’re feeling the temptation to relapse
  • Mentor assistance in the form of a sponsor who checks up on you and stays in contact
  • Connecting current outcomes with choices you’ve made in the past while working through the steps
  • Get input on managing rough spots, staying out of trouble, and navigating temptations

Connecting the Steps with Therapies at a High-Quality Rehab Center

Because the program complements evidence-based therapeutic approaches, experts may encourage you to go. After attending a few times, you’ll notice that the meetings enrich a variety of therapeutic approaches like:

Experience the Benefits of a 12 Treatment Step Program for Yourself

If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, reaching out for help is key. At the Crest View Recovery Center, each client undergoes a customized therapeutic approach to healing. Because the 12 Steps offer tremendous benefits to participants, it allows you to significantly enhance your chances of recovery.

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