Alcohol abuse and addiction is a common problem throughout the United States. In fact, recent statistics indicate that as many as 15 million adults, 18 years and over, may suffer from some sort of alcohol abuse. It’s been estimated that the misuse of alcohol costs the U.S. economy roughly $249 billion annually. Whether you are a local resident or plan to travel to seek appropriate treatment, the alcohol rehab North Carolina residents need can be found at Crest View Recovery Center.

Additionally, the misuse of alcohol contributes to hundreds of diseases and injury-related health conditions or accidents. Of these millions of Americans suffering from the anguish of alcohol addiction, relatively few reach out for the much-needed support and healing they deserve.

What Constitutes Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol rehab North Carolina residents deserveA person doesn’t have to be physically dependant on alcohol to experience negative impacts on their life. Alcohol use disorder describes a person whose life is centered mainly around the consumption of alcohol. An individual suffering from an alcohol use disorder may spend the majority of his or her time thinking about drinking. For example, as a general rule, many people with an alcohol use disorder cannot stop after just one or two drinks, but they continue to consume more.

What happens when the individual’s drinking pattern begins to create conflict in their life or issues with personal relationships? These responsibilities don’t tend to stand in the way of someone experiencing an alcohol use disorder. They continue planning and consuming their next drink, regardless of the negative repercussions that occur.

Most people are fully aware their drinking has become a serious problem, but they’re powerless to control or stop the behavior. While the intentions to curb drinking or gain better self-control can be lofty, the majority of people need professional help to recover.

Features of a Quality Alcohol Rehab Facility

If you’re an alcohol rehab North Carolina resident, you may be wondering what to look for in a quality alcohol treatment facility. It’s important to seek treatment at a facility that places importance on the right kind of care. For example, a quality treatment facility understands that each and every client is different. The reasons that people develop issues with drinking all vary.
In this case, methods that are successful for treating some individuals may not work for others. A quality treatment center provides a wide variety of treatment modalities to allow each client to find what works for them.

Features of Crest View Recovery Center

When seeking addiction treatment in North Carolina, you may have come across the Crest View Recovery Center. At CVRC, we place our focus on reality therapy. While some treatment facilities prefer to sweep you away to a secluded area or take you to a remote wilderness location, we focus on providing you with the tools you need to succeed in life. Furthermore, your treatment and recovery take place in a realistic setting, with your own peers. Providing reality therapy allows you to develop vital life skills, such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Grocery shopping
  • Self-care
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Coping skills

Best of all, you will learn these important life skills in an environment where you have access to supervision and professional assistance. On weekends, you and your peers gain access to engaging social activities, such as golf, movies, and bowling.

Alcohol Rehab North Carolina Residents Deserve

Crest View Recovery Center provides a small and intimate setting in the beautiful and serene North Carolina mountains. We concentrate on a holistic manner of treatment, encouraging overall wellness and healing. During the day, we provide eight full hours of comprehensive treatment and therapy, with gender-specific housing at night. Since physical addiction is a large part of abuse, we also work with an off-site detox facility to assist you.

If you are considering alcohol rehab in North Carolina, our team at CVRC is here to help you reach success. You don’t have to allow addiction to control your life. You can overcome your addiction with the help of a quality drug and alcohol rehab facility. Learn more about us today at 866-327-2505 and start your path to healing and ultimate wellness.