How Yoga Classes and Meditation Therapy Enhance Our Treatment Programs

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In order for individuals to experience lasting recovery, they need to seek addiction treatment designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit. At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, we subscribe to a “wellness overall” philosophy. It’s one of the reasons why we offer yoga classes and mindfulness meditation therapy as valuable amenities.

The Importance of Yoga for Addiction Therapy

Yoga-and-MeditationAddiction is a physically, mentally, and spiritually draining disease. To compensate for the empty feelings and depression, individuals develop addictive behaviors and self-medicate in order to cope. Most detox and subsequent substance abuse treatment programs teach you how to become physically sober. Without addressing the other aspects, however, individuals can be prone to relapse—even after successfully completing a traditional program.

Also known as therapeutic movement or fitness therapy, CVRC offers trauma-sensitive yoga classes designed to reclaim and revitalize bodies suffering from trauma and addiction. Led by our certified yoga therapist, this evidence-based healing program focuses on gentle, body-centered movement combined with controlled breathing. Our structured, supportive, and self-paced yoga classes go a long way in supplementing our traditional addiction therapy services.

How CVRC Integrates Mindfulness Meditation Therapy

For those attempting recovery, reflecting on the past and stressing out about the future are quick paths to relapse. During the recovery process, mindfulness meditation helps clients develop focused, non-judgmental awareness of their present recovery and what’s happening at that moment. Remaining grounded in the present teaches individuals how to be less anxious or depressed while also limiting compulsive behaviors.

Additionally, mindfulness meditation helps clients become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Rather than escape from painful emotions, mindfulness meditation allows individuals to sit quietly with themselves and pay attention to feelings and thoughts without taking action or passing judgment. Our mindfulness-based addiction recovery approach helps clients evaluate their compulsive behaviors while empowering them to change their lives.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is the treatment of the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, yoga and meditation therapy fall into this category. When you do yoga or meditation, you can ease your mind while reflecting on your recovery journey. This will help improve your overall mental strength during rehab.

Mindfulness and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand because reflecting on yourself, your behaviors and your goals is a crucial part of your recovery. When you choose meditation for addiction recovery, you have the opportunity to connect more closely with yourself, promoting increased self-esteem and a sense of identity.

Holistic therapy treatments also give you the opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms you can use to maintain your sobriety and prevent relapses. Meditation, mindfulness and yoga are practices you can carry with you to wherever and whenever you need them.

Furthermore, yoga classes will help your physical health as well, allowing you to strengthen and heal your body as you strengthen and heal your mind.

Why Choose a Rehab With a Holistic Approach?

When you enter treatment, it’s important to have a full range of therapies available to you. Many people will find success with certain activities that don’t help everyone. In fact, what works for you may not work for everyone else. If yoga does the trick to help you find balance, then it’s important to add it to your recovery program.

Choose a facility that offers a wide range of therapies and programs so you can tailor your treatment with what works best for you, including holistic options like meditation for drug addiction and more traditional therapy options. If holistic options are not your top priority, then you can learn more about individual counseling and group therapy. This custom treatment approach will give you the best chance at a successful recovery.

Yoga Classes and Meditation Therapy Are Just Two Components to Holistic Recovery

At CVRC, our goal is to set the foundation for lifelong sobriety. Our clients have found post-detox, NADA-sanctioned acupuncture treatment to be tremendously beneficial in reducing stress and apprehension during recovery. We’ve also seen individuals learn and grow through therapeutic recreation as part of our reality-based therapy model.

Our team focuses on providing therapies and treatments that improve your overall wellness so you have the best opportunity to heal your mind, body and spirit during your recovery journey. We’ll work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that incorporates the services that work best for you and address your specific needs.

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