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At Crest View Recovery Center, nothing is more important than our clients’ health and wellness. We work tirelessly to create custom treatment plans that address their individual needs. While plenty of rehab centers in North Carolina are available, our facility goes the extra mile. When it comes to a premium addiction treatment center and therapy, we believe that there’s no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Our Treatment Center Inspires Health and Wellness

health and wellnessWe know that recovery doesn’t happen overnight. In some cases, it can take months of treatment before people are ready to reenter society. At CVRC, we blend clinical care and reality-based therapy to guide individuals to lasting recovery. Our sober living area and the ability for our clients to regain independence during treatment build health and wellness.

Our initial rehab treatment program usually lasts between 35 and 45 days. During this time, our clients follow custom treatment plans that we layout for them. Upon finishing this program, our clients graduate to our intensive outpatient program. It usually lasts between four and six weeks and helps them transition into their normal lives.

During their time in our substance abuse treatment programs, clients have access to amenities like yoga classes and acupuncture treatment that promote lasting health and wellness. When combined with nutritional therapy, clients have the best chance at lasting recovery.

Reality-Based Therapy

One of the main differentiators between us and other rehab centers is our reality-based therapy model. Reality therapy goes against the standard institutionalized approach to drug rehab.

For example, we don’t try to seclude our clients from the rest of the world. They don’t come to Crest View Recovery Center for a spiritual wilderness retreat. Instead, we supervise our clients in a real-life environment, and they interact with peers and develop coping skills.

During reality therapy, our clients also learn basic life skills such as how to budget money and go grocery shopping. Learning these basic skills makes it easier for individuals to re-enter society. Without those abilities, early recovery becomes tougher.

Our clients also engage in other, fun weekend activities. For example, we often take our guests to the movies, mini-golfing or bowling. These fun activities help them relax and enjoy life. We believe that relaxing is a huge benefit when it comes to overall health and wellness.

Our Alumni Program

We strongly believe that treatment is an ongoing process. Whether people are sober for 30 days or 30 years, it’s important to have a support system in place. Our Alumni Program is all about providing support even after rehab. It gives former clients the ability to attend approved support meetings.

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We strongly believe in providing the tools that our clients need to take control of addiction. At Crest View Recovery Center, we have three separate houses. Two of these houses are for men, and the third is for women. Separating men and women allows us to provide gender-specific opportunities for everyone who’s in our care.

Crest View Recovery Center also knows that rehab centers are only as good as the services that they provide. We take pride in offering a number of addiction therapy services, including:

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