Once you make the courageous decision to seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, where do you turn? If you’re local to Ohio, drug rehab Cincinnati may seem like an ideal option.

While being near friends and family sounds like a good idea, rehab stays too close to home aren’t always the best choice. However, getting away for treatment offers advantages that give you a better chance for a full recovery.

Is Drug Rehab Cincinnati the Answer?drug rehab Cincinnati

Choosing a rehab center isn’t always simple. In fact, every facility is different and has its own approach to treatment. If you select a treatment center that doesn’t provide the individualized care you need, you can set your recovery back.

Moreover, there’s the familiarity aspect. Being in an environment you’re used to may bring up painful memories. Instead of focusing on treatment, you could find yourself thinking about old haunts where you used with people you know. If your loved ones aren’t supportive of your rehab efforts, they won’t encourage your drug addiction recovery, and they may attempt to derail it instead.

Even the best drug rehab Cincinnati has to offer may not provide the full spectrum of care. However, you can get a fresh start out-of-state, where you’ll enjoy several distinct advantages to a local facility.

Why Traveling for Treatment Works

Don’t think you have to go to some expensive, exotic locale for treatment. Getting away can be as simple as a trip on the highway to a destination several hours from home.

Your best bet might be a treatment facility in the scenic North Carolina mountains. At Crest View Recovery Center, you can enjoy advantages that you won’t have at a drug rehab in Cincinnati, such as:

  • Anonymity
  • Clean slate
  • Free from distractions
  • Relapse less likely

Make Crest View Recovery Center Your Next Stop

We’re an addiction treatment center in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. At CVRC, we believe in overall wellness, and we work to improve each person’s physical, spiritual, and emotional health in a comprehensive wellness plan.

For example, our substance abuse programs include:

During your stay here, you’ll take part in a variety of therapies, including group, individual, and family sessions. You’ll also participate in reality therapy, which gives you the chance to practice what you learn here in situations you’ll typically face once you return home.

You can also enjoy some of our holistic treatments, such as acupuncture and yoga. Along with your peer group, expect some enjoyable, supervised activities like bowling and mini-golf.

Drugs and alcohol have controlled you long enough. The time to take control of your life is now. Contact us today at 866-327-2505, and let’s begin your recovery from addiction, together.