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How to Pay for Rehab with HealthPartners Insurance

healthpartnersThere’s no doubt about it; paying for rehab is a daunting task. It can become a very consuming thought. The burden of payment can fall on the affected individual as well as people associated with the individual like family and friends of the addict. Our staff at Crest View Recovery Center is here to show you how HealthPartners Insurance can help you pay for drug rehab services and mental health treatment.

There are three different routes individuals can take to pay for treatment. The first option is always private pay. By paying out of pocket, someone doesn’t have to go through other sources to be able to be approved for rehab. It poses the least amount of chances for being denied treatment based on the cost. The second option is applying for scholarships we have available thanks to our many sponsors and generous donations.

This is the option we cannot guarantee to everyone because of the limited funds we are able to give away. The final option is working with your insurance provider to figure out what costs are covered by your policy. This could determine whether your entire treatment can be paid for, or if you are only able to receive partial financial assistance.

About HealthPartners Insurance

HealthPartners is an insurance network that was founded in Bloomington, Minnesota in 1957. They offer healthcare benefits in 6 states around the U.S, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota. They are partnered with over 90 hospitals and have served over 1.8 million members in the 60+ years they have been in operation. Their team members also participate in over 400 studies a year to try to improve already-existing as well as new techniques within the healthcare industry.

They are a nonprofit network and offer consumer-governed health plans to their policyholders. This includes medical, dental and Medicare plans. They offer some of the highest-rated plans in the U.S. according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Because it is an in-network company, our specialists here at Crest View are able to review your plan and quote a treatment payment amount based on your HealthPartners insurance coverage. If you are required to pay a deductible, HealthPartners may help to cut the cost for you because it is in-network.

HealthPartners believes that “health happens outside of the doctor’s office”. So, they put a large focus on improving their community’s education and environment. The company offers nutrition and fitness programs to their policyholders as well as their children to battle childhood obesity. They are pushing to end the stigma against mental illness with their campaign called Make It OK. One aspect as to why HealthPartners stands out is from teaching people about the reality of mental illness. With the Make It OK campaign, HealthPartners is also incorporating HeroCare into their plans for veterans to receive healing for their combat trauma.

HealthPartners Coverage for Drug Addiction Treatment

When it comes to insurance coverage, different factors can play into an individual’s amount they are required to pay. Some of these factors can include the state or country, the type of detox or treatment program, the length of stay and much more. Because PPO’s are separate Health Maintenance Organizations, they only allow inpatient treatments to be paid for.

Most HealthPartners insurance plans cover inpatient treatment. As long as the patient is able to meet the deductible, they will be able to use their plan to cut down the cost immensely. Some insurance plans can even cover the full amount of treatment. Others can charge a coinsurance fee of up to 20 percent. Outpatient treatment can also be covered by the policyholder’s plan, but they may have to pay a $10 copay for every visit.

It’s important to get professional guidance when looking for the best treatment program for your mental health or addiction. Although both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are effective, they’re different. Those who go through an inpatient program live at their rehab facility for the duration of their treatment. Individuals who enroll in outpatient rehab do not live at the facility. Instead, they may live at home or in a sober living home. Some individuals may even go to work or school while also attending therapy sessions and getting treatment for addiction.

HealthPartners’ plans are divided up by levels that determine deductible and copay costs. In general, most patients under HealthPartners will be responsible for a coinsurance cost after they meet their deductible. Their plans will cover a large amount of the cost of treatment. However, the policyholder can have to pay a coinsurance from 15-20 percent of the cost.

At Crest View, an independent review of your HealthPartners coverage will determine:
  • Which alcohol and drug rehabs you are eligible for
  • How long you can attend the program (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • Which level of care will be covered

By allowing us review what expenses your HealthPartners plan will cover at our facility, our team at Crest View is able to identify all the factors to help you determine whether treatment is going to be affordable or not. This will help you understand how much you can expect to pay out of pocket for treatments.

HealthPartners Coverage for Detox

Because substance abuse disorders are so serious, an individual going through substance addiction cannot rid their body of the substance all at once. Detoxification is the medical process of slowly weaning an addicted individual off of the substance they have been abusing. Over time, this process completely eliminates drugs or alcohol from the patient’s body.

During this process, the patient will experience physical and mental symptoms called “withdrawal symptoms.” The symptoms can be very painful and include things like increased heart rates, profuse sweating and even seizures in some cases. These can be so severe that around the clock medical care will be needed in order to ensure the patient’s safety and health. This is what your HealthPartners plan will help cover the cost of.

As far as detox coverage, the only way policyholders will be able to receive help will be if they use inpatient facilities to go through the detoxification process, but they can still be subject to out-of-pocket costs. Outpatient expenses are not covered by HealthPartners’ plans. Therefore, they will not be covered by their plan if that is the route the patient chooses to take.

HealthPartners Coverage for Mental Health

Mental health disorders affect nearly half of American adults during their lifetime. Because this number is so high, treatment centers around the United States are seeing an influx of mental health disorder patients. In order to receive proper care and treatment, coverage for mental health treatment is extremely important to have access to within your insurance company.

There is a good chance that when someone is diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder they also have a mental health disorder, as well. This is what professionals call a dual diagnosis. HealthPartners can help to cover the cost of mental health treatment when a patient uses their plan in an inpatient treatment facility.

Crest View Drug Rehabilitation Facility in Asheville, NC

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