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What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

holistic addiction treatmentIf you’ve never gone through rehabilitation, you might be unfamiliar with the terms “holistic addiction treatment” or “holistic programming.” In essence, a holistic approach applies non-medicinal rehabilitation methods in addition to more standard treatment modalities. The main objective of our holistic alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville, North Carolina is to restore balance to an individual’s mind, body, and spiritual properties as they progress through our drug rehab levels of care.

Treatment methods at holistic alcohol rehabilitation centers vary slightly from facility to facility. In general, this type of treatment includes activities involving exercise, nutrition, and meditation in a majority of holistic treatment centers for addictions.

Treatment at Holistic Addiction Recovery Centers

Holistic treatment is one of the many forms of drug addiction rehab methods utilized at our Ashville, North Carolina facility. This type of treatment does not involve the use of medication. Instead, it applies an alternative approach to addiction rehab. The goal of holistic treatment is to treat the whole person, not just the disease. Holistic rehab works to address more than physical substance abuse. It strives to go beneath the surface in order to address the mind and soul of those in recovery.

The methods used in holistic treatment work to offer feelings of calm and relief for individuals in treatment. Recovering individuals will get help to develop healthy and non-medicinal coping mechanisms to deal with addiction and sustain long-term sobriety once treatment is complete. Below are some of the holistic treatments offered at Crest View Recovery Center.


This holistic approach focuses on developing a sense of mindfulness, an important quality in addiction recovery. Meditation works to help clear the mind and heart of those in treatment, allowing individuals to focus on what truly matters in the moment, such as specific recovery goals or simply living in the beauty of the moment.


An ancient Indian practice, yoga works to help individuals to relieve stress and the effects of disorders such as anxiety or depression. Yoga unites the act of breathing with specific bodily postures, poses, and stretches in order to provide optimal relaxation and promote strength. The practice requires a sense of mindfulness, focus, and concentration, which are all necessary disciplines for recovering from substance abuse.

Fitness Therapy

While working on one’s physical well-being, mental and emotional health also improve. This type of therapy may include things such as swimming, jogging, hiking, dancing, yoga, and various sports. While engaging in these activities, individuals are able to develop interpersonal skills and become more comfortable working in group settings. Group physical activities also help individuals to develop a sense of trust and teamwork. Exercise promotes a sense of routine, which encourages persistence and perseverance. Additionally, physical activity releases endorphins, which help relieve stress, a common trigger for relapse.

Nutrition Therapy

A change in diet might be both necessary and beneficial to overcoming substance abuse. In nutrition therapy, a nutritionist helps patients learn more about how certain foods can assist in recovery, while others may be harmful to the process. With this professional guidance, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of food’s effects on emotional, mental, and physical health. This enables them to make educated and helpful decisions concerning their diet, even after treatment is over.

Other Holistic Rehab Therapies

There are many other methods of holistic programming and therapy that can help individuals overcome substance abuse. One common form of holistic therapy is art therapy, which includes activities such as painting, knitting, doodling, and drawing. Sometimes, individuals may not be able to find the words to express the emotions they are feeling. Creativity through art is one of the best ways to work through trauma, grief, fear, and any other form or discomfort. Art allows people to communicate their feelings, both positive and negative, within a safe space.

How Can Holistic Treatment Help You Overcome Addiction?

The road to recovery is often filled with unforeseen complications. For treatment to be a success, individuals must work to repair their physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. However, while this task sounds simple enough, it cannot be completed overnight.

Holistic addiction treatment offers people the chance to receive custom, non-medical recovery care. It can help people achieve true recovery by assisting with issues like poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and psychological stress. Plans are flexible in order to serve each person’s specific needs.

Holistic Drug Rehab Center in Asheville

At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, we employ holistic outpatient treatment for a variety of reasons. Some potential benefits of this type of therapy include:

  • Identifying and addressing any underlying emotional issues
  • Developing healthy tools for resisting future cravings
  • Improvement of physical fitness
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Learning healthy relapse prevention tools
  • Lessening the appeal of drugs and alcohol

At Crest View, you don’t have to suffer through multiple failed rehabilitation attempts before finally achieving the sober lifestyle you desire. We will help guide you away from toxic behaviors and help you develop a healthier mindset through holistic recovery from addictions.

If you are ready to end addiction in your life, the time to start working towards real change is now. Crest View Recovery Center is a place where you can rest, heal, and regain control of your life. To get started on this life-changing journey, call our office today to learn more about us.

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