Men and women differ in many ways. Some of these differences affect experiences of drug and alcohol addiction. Consequently, having access to womens drug rehab programs is important. In these programs, women are able to gain the treatment they need in a comfortable setting.

Why Womens Drug Rehab Treatment Is Importantwomens drug rehab program

Women experience drug and alcohol addiction uniquely, as compared to men. Moreover, women have different biological responses to their substance abuse. They also experience different triggers and co-occurring conditions. Many women have past trauma they don’t feel comfortable discussing in front of men, with some being entirely unique to the female gender.

These are just a few reasons why womens drug rehab is important. Some programs also provide female-only housing and spaces for female peers in recovery to bond over similar experiences. Moreover, gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment can offer a greater potential for success, depending on the circumstances.

Crest View Recovery Center fully understands the unique addiction treatment needs of women. Women in CVRC rehab treatment programs live with other women in female-specific housing.

Furthermore, gender-specific group therapy at Crest View Recovery Center is another important part of our womens drug rehab program. This addiction therapy allows women to form stronger peer bonds in recovery. It also allows them to feel safe while discussing traumatic events. Women communicate better with other women, making these group sessions highly productive and fulfilling.

Women Experience Relapse Differently

Every person experiences specific relapse risks that are unique. Womens drug rehab programs address these risks among female peers in treatment. Specifically, female relapse risks include:

  • Severe childhood trauma
  • Sexual or domestic abuse
  • Low self-esteem in relationships
  • Problems ending damaging relationships

These relapse risks are significant and must be addressed. If not treated, these issues make relapse a serious possibility.

Womens Treatment Needs

Rehab treatment for women considers womens needs in recovery. Some cross over into men’s needs, but men and women experience them differently.

Whole-Person Wellness

Whole-person treatment is important for women, in particular. Special attention on body image, life fulfillment, eating disorders and motherhood is important to address.

Rapid Occurrence of Addiction

Women experience quicker addiction than men. This makes females more likely to suffer addiction than male counterparts abusing the same substances.

No Family Support

Women suffer greater stigmas of addiction than men. This is especially true in family life. They suffer less family support, greater burdens for childcare, lower income and other hurdles like custody or child support problems. Many of these problems drive women from treatment early, despite their need for continued rehab.

Low Self-Esteem

Womens drug rehab focuses on improving self-esteem. Self-confidence is critical in maintaining long-term recovery, fighting triggers and ending relationship problems.

Medical Problems

Women suffer medical issues from substance abuse that don’t affect men. For example, infectious diseases, co-occurring mental illnesses, reproduction problems, fetal damage from substance abuse, early menopause, miscarriage and infertility are all problems unique to females

Treatment Avoidance

Women avoid treatment more than men. Reasons include socioeconomic issues, poor support, cultural factors like stigma, child care problems, financial problems, pregnancy and fear of losing child custody.

Unique Alcohol Addiction Problems for Women

Some of the risks of alcoholism unique to women include greater risk for sexual assault, increased exposure to violence and increased physical harm from alcohol. Women are at a higher risk for alcoholic hepatitis, death from cirrhosis and quicker brain mass loss from alcohol than men experience.

Breast cancer risk increases in women who suffer alcohol addiction. They also suffer a greater risk of cardiovascular disease than male counterparts.

Rehab Treatment Women Need in North Carolina

In Asheville, North Carolina, women gain the rehab treatment they need at Crest View Recovery Center. In addition, women live in female-only housing and experience gender-specific group therapy sessions.

Substance abuse treatment programs for women at CVRC include:

If you or a woman you love need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, call Crest View Recovery Center now at 866.327.2505. The support you need is at CVRC. Join other women in recovery, for the life you truly deserve.