Holistic recovery is an umbrella term. It is not just about encouraging addicted people to begin the healing process, but also turning their attention to improving the health of their body, mind, and spirit. The holistic recovery centers aim to improve the overall body health of a person. They have a different approach as compared to traditional rehabs.

Moreover, there are various alternative methods and treatments that addiction experts try in the holistic rehabs to promote overall health of the patients. They don’t rely on the conventional models of treatment. Instead, they focus on psychotherapies and 12-step programs. Many people often confuse holistic recovery with evidence-based treatment; however; they are different.

Holistic recovery does not just treat symptoms but also the whole person. That means a holistic rehab is not only evidence-based but also tremendously advantageous for the one suffering from substance disorder.

Types of Holistic Rehabholistic recovery center

Holistic rehab facilities are generally divided into three types of drug treatment centers. The first type of holistic treatment center focuses on the healing process by using different Eastern-inspired techniques, for example, Reiki. They do not follow the 12- step model and completely rely on the traditional eastern techniques.

Unlike the first technique, the second type of holistic rehab center offers 12-step programs. However, they also incorporate Eastern style healing arts and philosophy such as yoga and therapy.

The third type of holistic rehab centers varies greatly in their services. Some rehab centers label themselves as holistic as they do not treat patients with prescription medication. That means they work with all recovering addicts who have undergone detox and don’t need psychiatric drugs.

Although the given facilities can suit any recovering addict, it is important to have complete information about the treatment procedures and its benefits. Crest View Recovery center, in this regard, provides the great benefits of attending a holistic rehab center.

How Does Holistic Recovery Center Help You?

·       Non-Conventional Treatment Methods

24/7 monitoring, nurses, doctors, and clinical environment are the things that come to mind when you think about addiction treatment. Most of the clients hesitate or do not enter the rehab process due to the conventional treatment methods and atmosphere. It feels like spending time in the medical institution or a hospital. And that experience is not helpful for someone trying to come out of such a miserable state of mind and physical health.

However, the atmosphere is not encouraging for individuals trying to recover from chronic addiction. Instead, they should get an environment that helps them prosper and divert their minds from the addiction. They must envision a life beyond alcohol and drugs. They have to find an escape from their current state of life and turn to the natural beauty of the outdoors.

At CVRC holistic recovery center, clients get multiple opportunities to explore various non-conventional treatment options to rejuvenate mind and body. From venturing outdoors to participating in healthy activities that include hiking and trekking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, recovering addicts do everything to reinvigorate their souls.  In addition to this, individuals who completed their detox and are less adrenaline-driven can enjoy recreational therapies like morning walk and yoga.

Spending outdoor time is much more than just therapy. It refreshes the mind and connects recovering individuals with nature.  Plus, a healthy outdoor recreation increases blood circulation and uplifts mood.   All these activities, without a doubt, are extremely healthy for a recovering individual.

·       Treatment Helps You Explore and Address Underlying Addiction Issues

There is no denying that traditional addiction rehab tends to prevent or treat physical symptoms. They often fail to find and address the addiction issues in the first place. And treating the physical addiction symptoms only means you’re not addressing the core issue or underlying problems.

A holistic approach to addiction treatment has the edge over from traditional addiction rehab. Not only does it go deeper to identify and understand underlying addiction causes but also resolves these factors to help clients tackle relapse issues strongly.

Many clients lack stress management skills and easily give up in a stressful situation. Turning to drug substances is very common to cope up with these types of weak moments and antagonizing times. Holistic rehab provides therapies to help clients healthily learn stress management. It improves the mind’s ability to stay strong and abstain from using drugs for a lifetime. Also, they learn to handle trauma, mental health issues, despair, and grief that may obstruct the recovery process.

·       Holistic Rehab Promotes Overall Health, Not Just Treat Addiction

The primary objective of addiction rehab centers is to help clients overcome their addiction. No doubt, it is essential and has to be the foremost priority, but achieving sobriety is not enough to spend a happy, satisfied, and meaningful life. There comes the role of a holistic approach to addiction treatment that aims to promote the overall health of the clients.

It may include several things from needing help for relearning communication skills to rebuilding broken relationships with loved ones. It can also include life skills such as cooking, exercising, or professional skills like how to prepare for the new career. The learning is very useful for a long-term healthy life; especially when rehab is over.

·       A Holistic Recovery Center Reduces Risk of Relapse by Preparing Clients

Relapse is not less than a threat when it comes to achieving sobriety successfully. Unfortunately, many rehab centers do not consider it while developing an addiction treatment plan. A holistic rehab like Crest View Recovery Center, works through a comprehensive plan such as reality therapy to reduce relapse risks.  Clients practice structured living under doctors ‘supervision that helps them transition back to an ordinary lifestyle.

Crest View Recovery Center – An Ideal Holistic Rehab

Crest View Recovery Center incorporates a holistic approach to treat the physical dependency of clients on drugs while working on their overall wellness.  It provides comprehensive treatment, quality care, and addiction therapy options that include:

Crest View Recovery Center in Ashville, North Carolina, is an ideal place to get rehabilitation and overcome drug or alcohol dependence. Call us now at 866.327.2505 to find an easy way to fight back addiction and to achieve true health.