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alcohol rehab AtlantaAdmitting to a problem with drinking isn’t easy. In many cases, a person’s loved ones will notice the problem well before they will. Perhaps they’ve tried rehab before and it didn’t work. In fact, while there are thousands of treatment facilities across the country, they’re not all the same. Understanding what treatment program is best for one’s recovery journey will help somebody bring their substance abuse under control a lot quicker and more efficiently. If alcohol rehab in Atlanta hasn’t met your needs, maybe it’s time for a change of scenery. Going away for treatment could be the best choice for you.

When Drinking Gets Out of Control

Some people enjoy the Atlanta nightlife and drink heavily when they’re out and about. Others prefer drinking at home in private. However, if they can’t stop drinking once they start, it’s a problem. It can spiral out of control before they know it.

People who abuse alcohol don’t necessarily need alcoholism treatment, but if they don’t get some type of help, they’re at great risk of developing the disease. Before things escalate to that point, however, they may still suffer other consequences, such as:

  • Strained family relationships
  • Missed workdays due to hangovers
  • Legal troubles due to drinking and driving
  • Worsening of mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety
  • Health issues related to alcohol abuse

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is without a doubt a very dangerous form of substance abuse, if not the most dangerous. It is best described this way: an insatiable desire to partake in consuming alcohol. Most often, all alcoholics can really think about is when they’re getting their next drink. Because of this, the temptation to abuse alcohol escalates. Eventually, the user becomes seduced, and this is the start of the destructive behavior that is alcoholism.

The pleasure center of the brain is activated when people use alcohol. As a direct result, their judgment and desires are manipulated; eventually, the desire becomes very difficult to satisfy. Because of all of this, drinking and abusing alcohol becomes the priority for the user.

Alcoholism has a destructive impact on families due to the fact that those who are abusing alcohol place their desires in front of their families’ needs. This is commonly referred to as neglect. One area in which this is most obvious is the category of finances. 

Monetary inconveniences could take place as a result of somebody’s alcohol abuse. Alcohol use is expensive, and family members often become stressed in the midst of a financially stressful time. This is why dependency on alcohol is so dangerous. Addiction has the power to tear families and loved ones apart, which is why it’s necessary to recognize as to whether or not someone is suffering from alcohol abuse.

Do I Suffer from Alcoholism? Does My Loved One?

Though everyone else may have their suspicions, it is often difficult to discern as to whether or not you’re suffering from alcoholism. Asking the question is a good place to start, but there are also some ways for you to recognize as to whether or not you are suffering. Sometimes it may even be hard to tell why you’re drinking so much. Below are some ways to recognize alcoholism, as well as contributing factors.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

When someone is suffering from alcoholism, they may experience/display the following symptoms:

  • Lack of interest in any activity
  • Lack of self-control with alcohol
  • Consistently inebriated 
  • Consistently lying
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

More than anything, some people fear identifying alcoholism for what it actually is. Often times, they can become so scared that fear itself is manifested through denial or anger. For those who are seeking to help a loved one, it is important to bear this in mind. Love, grace and a non-judgemental spirit is the best way to approach someone who is struggling from alcoholism.

Factors of Alcoholism

A few contributing factors of alcoholism include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Peer pressure
  • Marital problems
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse

Alcoholism doesn’t just show up out of the blue; it doesn’t happen just because someone wanted a drink one day. There are plenty of circumstances that could lead to a person abusing alcohol. It is imperative that those who are seeking help for a loved one aim to identify the cause and not just the symptoms.

Why Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta Didn’t Work for You

You’ve tried alcohol rehab in Atlanta in the past, and you eventually started drinking again. Moreover, you think trying to get sober is a waste of time.

Even the best rehab has clients who don’t maintain their sobriety. This doesn’t make them failures. It’s possible the facility didn’t personalize treatment to the individual. Or it could be that a person fell back into old, bad habits due to stress or triggers that she had a difficult time with.

What’s important is that you give it another try. If you’re looking for an alternative to alcohol rehab in Atlanta, you have options.

Benefits of Treatment Away From Home

Local addiction treatment centers may seem like an easy choice when you need help, but sometimes, it’s better to get away for rehab.

Your home environment may have too many triggers for you to have a relaxing rehab experience. Furthermore, you might be too distracted to fully immerse yourself in the program. 

Perhaps you’re surrounded by toxic influences who don’t want what’s best for you. Again, this can be distracting and harmful to your recovery.

If it helps you to know that you’re in a brand new setting, with no negative memories or ties to your addiction, it can be motivating. You don’t have to travel across the country, either. A high-quality facility is just a few hours away.

Instead of choosing alcohol rehab in Atlanta, why not consider a tranquil location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina? You’ll be close to loved ones, but with enough distance between you and home that you’ll be able to focus on your recovery with no distractions.

Treatment Options

The addiction services Crest View offers include the following:

When it comes to understanding alcoholism, familiarizing oneself with treatment options is just as important as anything else. It is best to communicate genuine love and understanding for anybody dealing with alcohol abuse. These people need compassion. This begins with understanding.

Upon approaching someone who is struggling with substance abuse, exploring different treatment options is imperative to the recovery process. At Crest View, we offer a vast variety of options to meet your treatment needs.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is a recovery method that is used to treat serious cases of addiction. Lasting anywhere from 28 days to six months, this treatment includes 24/7 access to our professionally trained medical personnel if the need should arise. It also allows patients to live in the care of one of our treatment facilities. Crest View’s inpatient treatment may be for you if you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol abuse, and you didn’t get the treatment you needed at an alcohol rehab in Atlanta.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment gives patients access to professional therapists and psychiatrists anywhere from 10-12 hours weekly. This method is used to treat milder cases of addiction. What’s most convenient about this is that patients experience little disruption to their day-to-day lives, as this method allows them to be treated while living in their own homes. For those who need to stay in touch with their daily routines and don’t suffer from a serious substance abuse problem, outpatient treatment may be the way to go.


Detox from alcohol could include the following symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Nausea

For those who have been abusing alcohol for a long time, it can be hard to wean themselves off due to the symptoms of withdrawal. It is often difficult to say no to alcohol when it’s all someone has known for so long; the body starts to become dependant. Detox treatment at Crest View uses medicine to help a patient come off of alcohol more comfortably.


In general, therapy helps patients evaluate their past and present with alcohol abuse. It also allows them to reshape their attitudes towards their addiction in a way that is best for their complete recovery. The ultimate goal is to improve the way they cope with their addiction by providing them with skills that encourage self-control.

A Place to Recover and Heal

At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, we have a team of dedicated professionals whose primary goal is your long-term sobriety. To that end, we provide a full spectrum of care. Every client who comes through our doors is treated as an individual with unique needs that we strive to meet.

If you’re walking through addiction, you’ll know that you’re never alone at Crest View. Here, you can count on us to make sure you’re receiving the best care available. We’re always offering unique treatment to match each individual’s needs.

Do you or a loved one need rehab for drug and alcohol dependency? Crest View can guide you towards a life of sobriety. Contact us here at Crest View Recovery Center today at (866) 986-1371 for more information.

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