How to Maintain a Sober Christmas

A woman has a successful sober christmas

A sober Christmas can be a challenge for people in recovery. It seems like every holiday party, workplace gathering and family event contains alcoholic beverages. This can make the thought of going out stressful and maintaining self-control challenging. While it might not be easy at times, planning ahead and a few of these tips can help people stay sober over the holidays.

A woman has a successful sober christmasEnjoying a Sober Christmas

After years of enjoying parties and drinking over the holidays, going through a sober Christmas can be disconcerting at first. While it might be different from the normal, it is possible to get used to drinking non-alcoholic drinks. Many, such as seltzers or sodas in a glass can give the appearance of an alcoholic beverage. This can help you avoid any awkwardness you may feel about not drinking. For you, the holidays can be a time for celebrating sobriety. To navigate this time safely, plan ahead and get plenty of support before the holiday events begin.

Plan ahead for relapse prevention by going to meetings or group support groups. Reach out to sober friends who will also attend the same party. Individuals can make a sober Christmas a little easier by checking beforehand to see if supportive friends and family members will be at the event.

Think Ahead

Before the Christmas parties begin, write out a list of 10 people who can offer support. Afterward, this list and a cell phone can be carried to each party. If an event is at a bar or a similar location, it is best to avoid it. There is no reason to risk a trigger by going to a place that was once a favorite establishment.

To make a sober Christmas easier and to prevent an alcohol relapse, individuals can try making new traditions. If the family used to drink together on Christmas Eve, this tradition could be replaced with a sleigh ride or cookie baking. The easiest way to keep drinking traditions from causing a relapse is to replace them with new traditions.

Stay Healthy

Exercise is a healthy part of recovery for a sober Christmas. Other habits like volunteering or writing out a gratitude list can help with emotional and mental health. No matter what, individuals should avoid H.A.L.T. This acronym stands for hungry, angry, lonely and tired. To prevent a relapse, it is important to prevent or alleviate these emotions.

Prepare for the Holidays Through Treatment

The holidays are a time of drinking, but not when you are trying to have a sober Christmas. To navigate these weeks, individuals need all of the support and help that they can find. Before the Christmas season begins, consider going into addiction treatment. The right program can offer support through options such as:

If you want a sober Christmas this year, help is available. At the Crest View Recovery Center, you can get the treatment you need to start your sobriety. Call us today at 866-327-2505 to find out how we can help.

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