relapse prevention
Being around family during the holiday season is a time for celebration and joy. However, if you’re trying to achieve an alcohol-free holiday, you can take steps to maintain your sobriety if you struggle with it. The following guide will assist you with actionable steps to avoid the temptation of being around alcohol while staying...
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how to stay sober over the holidays
The holidays are supposed to be fun, exciting, and joyous. However, the holidays can bring their own unique challenges for some people in recovery. Unresolved family issues, social isolation, or finding yourself in situations where It is easy to find  drugs and alcohol are present can be a recipe for disaster. It is important to...
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A woman has a successful sober christmas
A sober Christmas can be a challenge for people in recovery. It seems like every holiday party, workplace gathering and family event contains alcoholic beverages. This can make the thought of going out stressful and maintaining self-control challenging. While it might not be easy at times, planning ahead and a few of these tips can...
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