How to Stay Sober at Thanksgiving


Being around family during the holiday season is a time for celebration and joy. However, if you’re trying to achieve an alcohol-free holiday, you can take steps to maintain your sobriety if you struggle with it. The following guide will assist you with actionable steps to avoid the temptation of being around alcohol while staying festive and taking in warm family time.

Prioritizing Your Comfort and Safety

Spending time with your extended family can be equal parts comforting and uncomfortable at times. Ensure you have the right strategy in place to put your comfort first to aid your recovery. Having a robust plan to help you when you need it is the best way to navigate the holiday season.

Gather the Support You Need Beforehand

In anticipation of the day or weekend with your family, reach out to a friend, mentor or support group and raise any concerns you may have. Explain the conditions of your addiction to someone you trust, and see if they can be available to call you or show up with you to prevent any risky situations. Your recovery journey is important, and the holidays are a time to be alert while still allowing yourself some fun and much-needed family bonding time.

Develop a Clear Exit Strategy

While time with loved ones can be a treasure, you need to be prepared if something makes you uncomfortable. Considering your personal feelings will make it easier for you to gauge when a situation is going in the wrong direction. Finding a way to calmly exit a situation to rid yourself of any risks to your recovery is good and will help you stay on the right track on your journey.

Inform the Host of Your Recovery

If the gatherings you plan to participate in are hosted by someone you trust, tell them how much you would appreciate it if they accommodate you. You can work together to arrange some alcohol-free drinks for you and make it easier to integrate into the atmosphere with everyone else.

If the gathering is last-minute, you can bring your own alcohol-free drinks to keep on hand. You could also let the host know that if an uncomfortable situation occurs, you will be leaving to minimize drawing attention where you might not want any.

Arrange Alternate Means of Transportation If Necessary

If you have an arrangement to leave with a buddy but can see that they started drinking throughout the day, ensure you have a backup plan. Whether it’s using a taxi or getting someone else to drop you off, account for every possible outcome.

Familiarize Yourself With Our Therapy Practitioners

Your journey to recovery is yours to understand. If you know you need an extra source of support to have a sober Thanksgiving, reach out to qualified practitioners who can help you with any therapy you may require. Having a reliable avenue for support will make you feel like you aren’t alone.

Crest View Recovery Center offers services like recreational therapy and trauma therapy to help you navigate your toughest challenges. Contact us today to arrange a time to be assisted.

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