What Are Stimulant Drugs?

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The problem of drug addiction can include a wide variety of potentially addictive substances. In fact, stimulants are one class of drugs that can be commonly abused in a variety of settings. The following material provides more information about stimulant drugs, the effects they can cause, and the best ways to seek a stimulants addiction treatment center.

Defining Stimulant Drugs

stimulant drugsStimulant drugs are a class of substances that increase the production and release of dopamine in the brain. As a result, they lead to an increase in energy, a powerful sense of well-being, and similar functions within the body and brain. Cocaine is one example of a stimulant drug that has abusive potential. Unfortunately, people can become accustomed to the effects of stimulants over time. For example, this is what can lead to an increased risk of a physical dependence or cocaine addiction.

Common Effects of Stimulant Drugs

Understanding stimulant drugs requires a sense of knowledge governing the effects these drugs can create and whether you need a stimulants addiction treatment center. Consider the following list of possible stimulant side effects:

High Blood Pressure

Stimulants can cause the blood pressure to increase. Moreover, if a person has normal blood pressure levels, this might not be a problem immediately. For those with already high blood pressure levels, this can be a life-threatening effect that may lead to stroke or heart attack.

Excessive Body Temperature

The stimulating effect of these drugs can also cause the normal body temperature to become too high. As a result, a person can face organ or brain damage.

Muscle Weakness and Tremors

Muscle weakness, atrophy, or tremors can become a serious problem for some people abusing stimulants. In addition, these muscle abnormalities also increase the risk of falling or suffering a serious injury.

Anxiety or Depression

All addictive substances create serious changes in the chemistry of the brain. The abuse of stimulants can sometimes lead to cases of extreme anxiety, paranoia, or depression, and a higher need for a stimulants addiction treatment center.

Detecting the Signs of a Drug Addiction

Getting help for a cocaine addiction requires the ability to see the signs of a serious problem. For example, pay attention to the possible clues of a drug addiction in the list below:


Those struggling with addiction often want to be alone. This behavior can be alarming to others. Furthermore, social isolation can be a result of the drug abuse or an indication that the person is experiencing depression and anxiety.

Physical Changes

Physical changes that result from drug abuse can include weight loss, skin marks, dark undereye circles, bloodshot eyes, loss of personal cleanliness habits, and similar differences.

Changes in Daily Routine

Those facing an addiction might change their daily routine. Therefore, they may leave for work earlier or arrive home much later than before. They might develop an entirely new circle of friends. Additionally, they may also have a hard time keeping up with their usual daily responsibilities.

Serious Mood Swings

Addictive substances have a powerful effect on the normal functioning of the brain. For example, these changes can result in severe and ongoing mood swings that can be very difficult to handle. A person suffering from an addiction may swing between depression, anxiety, anger, and outbursts of aggression at any time.

Helpful Stimulants Addiction Treatment Center Options

Substance abuse treatment programs can consist of many different elements that work together for the best long-term results. Moreover, your treatment team will carefully analyze your problem areas, goals, and strengths. Using this information, they will be able to create a treatment program that targets to your precise needs. Your treatment plan is likely to include various forms of individual therapy, community support groups, family intervention programs, behavioral therapy, and aftercare techniques.

Crest View Recovery Center is a stimulants addiction treatment center—among other drug treatments—serving the needs of Asheville, North Carolina. Moreover, CVRC uses a creative form of reality therapy to help those suffering from an addiction to experience success. Those seeking treatment at Crest View can find the professional support they need to recover successfully.

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