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Substance abuse of alcohol and other drugs often go hand in hand. Many people believe taking alcohol and other drugs together increases their potency and the effects they’ll experience. While this deadly combination can intensify the good feelings that both substances bring, the trade-off is that they may also amplify the adverse effects and cause severe health problems that can put you in the hospital.

Even if you think you can handle yourself, taking more than one substance at once puts you at greater risk of becoming over-intoxicated without realizing it, leading to poor decision-making and the inability to think things through.

Likewise, trying to get clean from drugs and alcohol together can be just as dangerous as taking them. If you need to get clean, visit a drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility near you, like Crest View Recovery Center. Our compassionate team of clinicians, therapists and administrators can help you through the symptoms of withdrawal and start you on the road to recovery through therapies and treatments.

Drug Addiction Rehab

When you use illicit substances like cocaine or heroin, you change your brain’s chemistry, making your body more psychologically dependent on the drugs each time you ingest them. The more you alter your brain chemistry, the more long-term side effects you can expect. If you use drugs long enough, getting clean from them can be an intimidating and life-threatening experience.

When you come to Crest View Recovery Center, we’ll welcome you to a guilt-free, shame-free, drug-free drug and alcohol rehabilitation center where you can detox safely and take the first steps toward recovery. Crest View Recovery Center specializes in treating addictions to the following:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Although alcohol is a legal drug, trying to detox from it alone can be extremely dangerous. Symptoms can be as mild as shakiness and sweating or as severe as seizures, coma and death. Whatever symptoms you experience, they’re sure to be uncomfortable. Crest View Recovery Center gives you a safe space where you can detox. At the same time, our medical team monitors you and can recommend medical detox to combat symptoms until your body is clean of alcohol.

Our Dual Treatment Plan

Our experts have the training to work with individuals suffering from more than one substance use disorder. When you come to our addiction recovery program, we’ll help you through your detox by managing withdrawal symptoms and monitoring you closely. Then, you’ll meet with your treatment team and develop a plan. Usually, this involves a combination of therapies, which may include:

During this part of treatment, you’ll live in gender-specific housing and spend your days focusing on activities that help you reach your treatment goals with other patients. After spending up to 90 days in your initial rehab treatment — although, on average, our clients spend about 40 days in this program — you’ll slowly integrate back into the world with our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers allow you to work through your day-to-day routines while your treatment team is nearby, so they can help you navigate triggers. You’ll meet with them a few times a week to discuss your progress and work through any difficulties you came across.

The most important part of all our treatments involves reality therapy. In this program, our staff teaches you how to apply things you’ve learned in rehab in real-world situations, from shopping for groceries to attending large social gatherings. This allows individuals to test out their abilities in a controlled setting and practice combating triggers before they have to do it alone. Reality therapy helps ensure you leave our rehab programs equipped to deal with the world outside our center’s walls without drugs or alcohol.

Connect With a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Near You

If your addiction to alcohol, drugs or both is keeping you from living the life you want, contact Crest View Recovery Center today. Our drug and alcohol treatment center includes outpatient rehab options and inpatient rehab options through our trusted partner DreamLife Recovery, so you can start sober living as soon as possible. Our reality-based therapy can help you manage the situations that led you to alcohol and drug abuse in the first place.

With us, you won’t be alone in your addiction. Let us help you like we’ve helped many others take their life back from drugs and alcohol. We’ll help you work through the root of your addiction and teach you the skills you’ll need to manage your day-to-day life while sober. We accept a number of insurance options and work with you and your provider so you can receive affordable treatment.

Call our office in Asheville, North Carolina, at 866-986-1371, or fill out our online form. Start your journey to recovery now.

Start the journey toward recovery now.

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