While each person’s rehab experience will differ, one thing is the same for everyone: you’ll leave rehab and return home. Helping clients prepare for that should be one of the aims of treatment. In fact, the ultimate goal of our addiction treatment is to release you back into your life fully functioning and with confidence in yourself. Reality therapy is incredibly useful in this regard. What is reality therapy in addiction treatment, and how will it help you when you go home?

After Rehab, What’s Next?what is reality therapy?

This is a question many people in rehab wonder about. When you live at a treatment center 24/7, it’s rarely anything like your home environment. You often have more rules and a schedule to follow. You’re also in a substance-free zone, with no access to drugs and alcohol.

It can be a tough adjustment returning home after living in such a structured setting. These fears are common and ones we work to alleviate. Once you’re back on your own and free to make your own choices, are you in a position to make the right ones? If you’ve gone through the proper rehab treatments you will be.

Reality-based therapy in addiction treatment gives clients an excellent chance at navigating real-life situations once they leave rehab.

What is Reality Therapy for Addiction Treatment?

Rehab is safe and structured, but it may not be anything like your typical environment. Individual and group counseling involve a lot of talking, but what about doing things you typically do on a regular day?

Treatment professionals who use reality therapy can help prepare you for that. When you experience real-life situations in rehab, you can make a smoother transition once you return home.

Adventure therapy is fun, but the reality of day-to-day life for most people involves everyday activities like preparing meals, paying bills and running errands. However, some people never learned basic skills such as cooking or budgeting for the long term.

What is Reality Therapy Helpful For?

When you take part in reality therapy models, you experience real-life activities in a supervised setting. You’re able to put into practice the skills you learn in rehab, alongside your peers in treatment. You may even be able to take part in fun activities like seeing movies or going bowling.

Compassionate Addiction Treatment in the Blue Ridge Mountains

In Asheville, North Carolina, you can get the drug and alcohol addiction treatment you need to turn your life around. Crest View Recovery Center is a rehab facility that uses reality therapy as a way to help our clients overcome addiction. Our comprehensive wellness approach targets every possible area of an individual’s health.

For example, the services we offer include:

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