A large number of Americans experiencing chronic pain will receive opioid prescription painkillers. However, what are opioids and what problems do these types of drugs present? How can you recognize the signs of an opioid abuse problem? Do you need to go to a prescription painkiller addiction treatment center?

What are Opioids?A woman in need of a prescription painkiller addiction treatment center

In fact, opioids are a class of prescription medications that treat chronic pain. Opioids bind to specific opioid receptors in the human brain to bring about feelings of relaxation and relief from pain. Sadly, these effects on the brain also increase the risk of physical dependence.

What Causes Issues with Dependence on Prescription Pain-Relieving Drugs?

Why are we seeing a continual increase in the abuse of opioid medications? For example, more people are using prescription opioids today than at any time in the past. Secondly, people are also using these medications for longer periods of time.

However, opioids should generally remain in use for short periods of time to lessen the likelihood of dependence occurring. Lastly, the discomfort that accompanies physical painkiller withdrawal symptoms can be extreme. This can result in a person not seeking the help they need to overcome the abuse of opioid drugs.

What are the Signs of a Problem with Opioid Use?

Substance abuse comes in many different forms. Different people can be affected by this problem in different ways. However, there are a number of signs of an opioid addiction that you can watch out for.

Seeking Care from Multiple Doctors

Those struggling with substance abuse issues may seek treatment from several different doctors. This is done to ensure they never run out of the medication they’re using.

Continuing to Abuse Medications in Spite of Devastating Effects

Specifically, the effects of substance abuse can become extreme. Those facing these issues will often continue to misuse the substance in spite of negative effects on relationships, job losses, legal troubles, and severe health complaints.

Physical and Emotional Changes

Those struggling with substance abuse will often display serious physical and personality changes. Moreover, they may seem to become aggressive or belligerent. They may seclude themselves from others or lose interest in their favorite activities. Additionally, they may also lose weight or develop unsightly skin issues and bloodshot eyes.

Showing Support for Loved Ones Affected by Substance Abuse

It can be difficult to watch a loved one suffer from the effects of substance abuse. Continuing to show your love and concern is often the best thing you can do to support them. Let them know you are there to lend a supportive shoulder and listening ear. Consider seeking appropriate professional help so that they can regain a peaceful life.

Why Seek Treatment for Prescription Painkillers?

The road to recovery from substance abuse can be long and isolating for many people. The overwhelming majority of those suffering from these issues require the expertise of professionals who dedicate their lives to implementing effective forms of treatment. Furthermore, addiction treatment centers exist all over America to provide such in-depth support to those in need.

Crest View Recovery Center’s Prescription Painkiller Addiction Treatment Center

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