One of the more popular illicit drugs on the party scene is MDMA. It’s better known by its street slang name of ecstasy or molly. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because it creates a sense of euphoria and emotional openness. This induced elation makes it popular for party goers. Among users, there is an MDMA vs Molly debate about which one produces better or more desirable effects.

MDMA vs Molly

The core of the MDMA vs Molly debate centers primarily on pureness. MDMA typically shows up as a pill. Molly comes as a powder in most cases. The thinking is that Molly will have more MDMA in it because it’s a powder. People who take it assume that the pills get cut with other substances that weaken its effect.

In practice, there is no realistic way to know if Molly is actually more potent than MDMA without laboratory testing. Neither drug is manufactured by reputable, legal laboratories or with any guidelines. The person making them could cut either with extra substances. Realistically, differences in potency probably have nothing to do with the form.

Effects mdma vs molly comparison

When considering the effects of MDMA vs Molly, both create a wide range of pleasant and unpleasant effects. In truth, they will often be very similar because the base substance is the same. Some of the more common effects include:

  • Euphoria
  • Outgoingness
  • Increased empathy
  • Panic attacks
  • High blood pressure
  • Seizures

It’s also difficult to know exactly what effects MDMA is responsible for. It’s often used in combination with other drugs, which muddies the water.


There is no consensus on whether MDMA is addictive. However, research suggests that it affects many of the same brain structures as other addictive drugs. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that users experience withdrawal symptoms from MDMA. With no official guidelines on MDMA’s addictiveness, treatment centers must assume that it does cause addiction and treat it accordingly. Based off of many of the physical and psychological symptoms this is a proper assumption to go off of.


Since MDMA vs Molly resembles amphetamines, the first stage of treatment is detox. MDMA detox isn’t usually dangerous. You can expect some common and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, like depression, poor concentration, and fatigue. Once you wrap up detox, it’s time for a rehab program.

Most rehab centers encourage you to enter a residential program. Residential programs can offer you more resources and a more stable environment. For example, your treatments for MDMA addiction can include:

Crest View Recovery Center

CVRC offers inpatient and intensive outpatient rehab programs. We use a reality therapy approach that focuses on life skills. This approach helps you face common challenges to recovery while you can still seek immediate guidance from professional staff.

Don’t let MDMA vs Molly wreck your future. You can reclaim your future with help from a top-notch rehab program. Crest View Recovery Center can offer that help. Call 866-327-2505 and we’ll put you on the right track.

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