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If you or your loved one is struggling to overcome an addiction problem, you are not alone. That’s why the North Carolina rehab center is here for you.  According to the latest survey from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMSHA), approximately 20.0 million people (especially adults) live with a substance use disorder.

There is no denying that living with this toxic habit of seeing your loved one suffering from it is excruciating. Not only does addiction interfere with routine tasks, but it also affects the lives of those who are related to you. As addiction to drugs, opiates , or alcohol grows, it worsens if left untreated.

It is not only the professional life of an addict that suffers but friends, families, and everything that is related to him/her also suffers.  Once addiction takes its hold on the addicted individual, he/she lives for the next high or to have that same escape in life.  In other words, severe addiction can fill an addicted individual’s life with depression, suffering, and anguish.

North Carolina rehabThe good news is that addiction recovery is possible. People can seek help from drug rehab centers such as ours here in Asheville, North Carolina to return to their normal lives or gain sobriety. National Institute of Drugs Abuse (NIDA) has mentioned in its many studies that drug or alcohol addiction is one of the treatable diseases.  With the help of evidence-based treatment, support and willingness, you can manage to get your healthy life back. A reliable rehab center can help you become a productive member of society again.

If you are looking for a rehab treatment center in North Carolina,  the North Carolina rehab, Crest View Recovery Center could be the best choice. At CVRC, addiction experts aim to help addicted individuals retrieve a healthy and normal life with their physical, emotional, and spiritual support. They understand that addiction recovery is a hard journey that comes with unique needs to each drug addict. CVRC, with its transformative services, helps its clients get on the road to recovery. To have a deeper understanding of the recovery process at CVRC, let us go through what we offer.

Understanding the Treatment at Our North Carolina Rehab Center

The sad reality of drug addiction is that only 11 percent of addicted individuals out of millions of people receive proper treatment of their illness. Addiction treatment includes a long and vital recovery process. It requires medical therapies, medications, and strong and stable support from friends and family. They can help addicted individuals regain value by demonstrating that their life has a purpose such as professional career, family or children.

Although there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center, finding the right one is imperative for a successful recovery. The unique programs at Crest View Recovery Center of North Carolina are what make it stand out among other facility centers. Their reality therapy is quintessential in terms of having an institutionalized approach they use to treat patients. Using a modern structure for recovery treatment, addiction treatment experts do not seclude addicted individuals from real-life situations.

Instead of distancing addicted individuals from their peers, CVRC inculcates life’s essential skills in them. Clients, when taught coping skills to deal with real-life situations are better able to encounter the challenges when the treatment ends. Our addiction experts monitor the client’s progress and activities to provide on-time guidance and counseling.

At CVRC, we also teach our clients’ money budgeting to evaluate their critical thinking. In addition to that, clients get multiple opportunities to participate in recreational activities. They go on outings, enjoy things like mini-golf, watch movies, and bowling. The activities are designed with an aim to make clients experience real-life situations. The activities help addiction experts evaluate the progress of addicted individuals. They assess the actions and reactions of the clients by putting them in real-life situations.

Reality therapy, without a doubt, is an excellent treatment offered By Crest View Recovery Center. Many other rehab centers do not focus on this after treatment therapy. By ignoring its importance, it may increase the risk of relapse. Reality therapy is based on a unique approach that makes it effective when it comes to battling addiction.

Why CVRC has High Success Rate?

As mentioned earlier, CVRC is different from other rehab centers. Its unique approach and comprehensive rehab treatment programs are its defining attributes. We understand the struggle of addicted individuals who suffer more because of the rigid structure of other rehab centers. Most of these rehab centers make individuals feel pressurized and forced by making certain activities mandatory and compelling for them.

Our approach, on the other hand, is way friendlier when it is about addiction treatment. We incorporate a holistic approach into our treatments to help patients improve their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

CVRC’s Alumni Program

Addiction is a medical condition that takes plenty of time to fully recover. Drug rehab plays an important role to help patients learn how to cope up with drug cravings and live a healthy life. However, for a complete recovery, seeking professionals’ help after rehab ends is extremely important.  And alumni program can help you that.

At CVRC, we focus on your lifetime recovery and sobriety whether it has been 10 years or 10 days since you left rehab. We try to keep our patients intact with the peers who are in their early recovery phase.

Our alumni programs offer a myriad of benefits that reflect in their success and our treatment approach.

  • Therapy options
  • On-going communication via emails with staff
  • Access to activities and alumni events
  • Peer communication

Moreover, our family therapy also helps us treat our clients.  Through this therapy, we tend to repair the broken relationships of the addicts and their families. We make families understand that addiction is a mental disorder rather than a life choice.

Through addiction education, we strengthen the bond between family members that have a positive impact on the recovery.

Overcome your Addiction with CVRC’s help

With our variety of substance abuse programs in North Carolina, we can help you get rid of addiction.  Plus, reality therapy at CVRC is great to develop important life skills that make life after rehab super easy.

Following are the treatments we offer at CVRC:

Besides this, we also include gender-specific therapy to cater the different needs of men and women as they have approach to life.

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