Just because someone overcomes heroin addiction doesn’t mean that they’re in the clear. There’s always the threat of heroin relapse. When it comes to addiction, relapse is something that everyone has to protect themselves against. It’s best if loved ones know how to spot possible signs of relapse so that they can help prevent it.

A man suffers from his heroin relapse Why Is Heroin Relapse a Big Concern?

It’s not just people who struggle with heroin addiction who have to worry about relapse. Relapse affects everyone regardless of the drugs that they use. Addiction is a mental disorder that never truly goes away. Although people can learn to control addiction with proper support, they never become completely free.

Talking About the Good Times When Using Drugs

The first sign of heroin relapse is when people start to romanticize about their past drug use. When times get tough, they tend to remember the good times when they used drugs. These “good times” typically include going out and partying.

With that said, it’s important for people to remember that they got sober for a reason. While they might have experienced some fun, heroin ultimately ruined their personal and social lives. This doesn’t even include the harm that it did to their personal health.

When they talk about the good old days of drug use, loved ones can bring them back to reality. Have them make a list of what makes them happy in their sober lives. These are things that they’ll likely lose if they revert back to using drugs.

Entertaining the Idea of Using Again Without Addiction

When people start thinking about heroin relapse, they often entertain the idea that they can use without triggering their addiction. This situation might arise in a few ways. For example, some people create specific use patterns to follow so that they can avoid addiction.

However, this tactic never works. All that it takes is one use for them to get hooked on heroin again. Also, it’s always harder to quit using the second time.

Reaching Out to Old Friends Who Still Use

Once people leave the drug scene, they should also leave behind friends who continue to use. Those friends may not want them to stop using drugs. If they get a chance, they could suck those in recovery back into the world of drugs.

When people start talking about reaching out to these past friends, loved ones should talk them out of it. They can encourage their loved ones to make new friends and join new social circles. This way, those in recovery can avoid falling back into previous patterns of addiction.

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