Most rehab programs last for about one month. However, that doesn’t always mean that the typical stay is enough. Recovery is a process, not a timetable. Therefore, someone who relapses a few times might be better served by a 90 day rehab program North Carolina offers.

Benefits of Treatment90 day rehab program North Carolina can trust

Addiction treatment stays the same whether you’re in rehab for one month, two months, or three months. Moreover, if your center offers a combination of talk therapies and holistic therapies, as many do, you will participate in those therapies for your whole stay.
For example, some common therapies that rehab clinics offer include:

Treatment Schedule

Your exact schedule depends on the policy at any given treatment center. That said, your schedule at a 90 day rehab program North Carolina offers will include structure.

In fact, schedules can be basic or in-depth, depending on your experience with addiction. Some programs build in smaller, half-hour activities such as reading groups, sharing life stories, and working on therapy assignments.

As you can see, however, you spend most of your time doing something. This kind of scheduling helps your mind stay engaged in positive ways. Furthermore, keeping busy and on a schedule also helps you support a healthy sleeping routine. Sleep is critical for your body’s recovery and supports overall brain health.

Benefits of A 90 Day Rehab Program North Carolina Can Trust

You get many benefits from a 90 day rehab program North Carolina offers. In addition, learning good habits and coping skills take time. Shorter programs give you a foundation you can work from back in your daily life. A 90-day program helps you lock in those habits and skills.

You get more time for understanding what drives your addiction. Three months gives you and your counselors more opportunities for digging into what makes your addiction tick. Sure, on the surface, work stress might help drive it. However, a lot can hide underneath that stress.

You might suffer from imposter syndrome. That is a feeling that you don’t really know what you’re doing at work. Furthermore, that feeling can create a mountain of stress. Turning down the volume on imposter syndrome can reduce your work stress, which reduces the odds of relapse.

You might recall that your parents demand perfection from you. In turn, you might demand perfection from yourself. However, perfectionism can also drive huge amounts of stress because no one is perfect.

Crest View Recovery Center

Crest View Recovery Center is a rehab center in NC. We focus on reality therapy and total wellness. Successfully moving back into society means developing skills that support your overall mental and physical health. That’s our goal for the men and women who stay with us.

Sometimes you need more than 30 days to overcome your addiction. In fact, you can still find long-term recovery with the help of a quality 90 day program. Call 866.327.2505 and find out if Crest View’s 90 day program is right for you.