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Roanoke, Virginia, is a charming town of just about 100,000 residents. Like many rural towns in recent years, it has become a center for illicit drug activity, introducing many people in the area to dangerous substances like methamphetamine, fentanyl and heroin. These drugs are highly addictive and even fatal, making it crucial that people addicted to them get help immediately.

Even Roanoke residents who don’t use drugs can fall into addiction. Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in the world, and it too can bring forth damaging, addictive tendencies. When you or someone you care about starts exhibiting symptoms of excessive substance use, it may be time to call rehab facilities near Roanoke, VA, and discover the benefits of sobriety.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

While many symptoms of substance use will vary depending on the drug you take, addiction in itself comes with several obvious symptoms, such as:

  • Irritability or anger
  • Missing school, work and other obligations
  • Secretive behavior, including lying and stealing
  • Weight loss and consistently looking sick
  • New problems with relationships and finances

Treatment Programs for Addiction

Crest View Recovery Center believes everyone deserves a path to recovery and offers several treatment programs to fit any lifestyle. We know every individual who goes through our programs is different and requires unique assistance to find their path to recovery. We adhere to a reality-based therapy model, which encourages our clients to accept the things they can’t change while working to improve what they can.

Our treatments range from full inpatient rehabilitation to partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient so that even people with outside obligations can manage the treatment they deserve. We specialize in treating many forms of substance use and even offer dual diagnosis treatment for those dealing with mental illness alongside their addiction. Most of our patients benefit from going through a combination of therapies, including:

Find Help at Crest View Recovery Center

When you or a loved one is dealing with an addiction to meth, alcohol or any other drug, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone in your struggle. Crest View Recovery Center understands what it’s like and has options to help you get through this tumultuous time.

Addiction affects more than your life — it can damage the people, home and community you love. Put an end to it by accepting help from our compassionate team today.

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