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In recent years, Knoxville, Tennessee, has become a hub for use of alcohol, opioids and cocaine. Drugs like these are easily glamorized in the media, but in reality, they can have devastating consequences for the user, their loved ones and even their community. When usage spirals out of control, people can become violent or experience dangerous side effects, like heart problems.

Despite the negative effects of drug and alcohol use, many people find themselves unable to stop using substances without the help of a rehab center. Crest View Recovery Center is here to help Knoxville residents dealing with addiction by offering a way to sobriety that revitalizes their life.

When Is It Time to Seek Treatment?

Substance use is a complicated beast, and it can be a challenge to know what to look for in a loved one if you’re unsure what they’re using. If you think someone close to you is dealing with drug addiction, these signs are quite common among people who use substances:

  • Isolating themselves from friends and family
  • Missing important appointments, work and school
  • Damaging relationships through lying, stealing and keeping secrets
  • Looking sick often and for a long time
  • Sudden and consistent financial problems

Crest View Recovery Center Can Help

Knoxville is just a two-hour drive from Crest View Recovery Center’s location in Asheville, North Carolina. Our drug and alcohol rehab center regularly welcomes visitors from Tennessee, Virginia and other nearby states. As such, we strive to ensure our inpatient facilities are as comfortable as possible. Our residential and treatment areas are separate from one another, allowing you to relax and receive treatment away from your living space.

Whether you join us full-time or come as a part of our Partial Hospitalization Program or Intensive Outpatient Program, you’ll go through various sessions of individual, family and group therapy. We employ evidence-based reality therapy in our services, which focuses on helping our clients accept where they are presently and learning new skills to help them grow into the person they want to be.

Find Hope for Addiction Recovery Now

Whatever addiction you or your loved one is struggling with, Crest View Recovery Center wants you to know you’re not alone. Our treatment center accepts anyone, regardless of what substance they use, and shows them their options for a new, sober life. If you’re ready to explore the path to recovery, call our Asheville treatment center today at 866-986-1371, or contact us online. Our compassionate team will happily discuss your options moving forward.

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