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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is a stunning city in South Tennessee with a rapidly growing population. However, with the expanding size seems to come an unfortunate increase in drug activity. Any city dealing with drugs can find itself facing disastrous consequences if there are no treatment methods readily available in the area.

While people fall into alcohol and drug addiction for a range of reasons, there’s usually only one way out, and that’s through rehab. Crest View Recovery Center wants to serve the residents of Chattanooga who are up close and personal with the area’s addiction problems.

Symptoms of Addiction

Many symptoms of addiction relate specifically to the drug you or your loved one is using, but there are some commonalities among almost all of them. These signs can help you notice when something’s not right:

  • Extreme emotions, especially anger and irritability
  • Untrustworthy behavior, like keeping secrets, lying and stealing
  • Missing out on obligations, including work and family events
  • Increased discussion of drug- and alcohol-related topics

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services

When a Chattanooga resident comes to our Asheville, North Carolina, rehab center, we usually enroll them in one of our on-campus inpatient programs. However, we do have Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs available for those requiring a more flexible schedule.

Crest View Recovery Center takes a relaxed, reality-based approach to addiction treatment. We ensure our clients’ comfort by separating their living spaces from the treatment area so they can focus just as much on treatment as on resting and recovering from detox and therapy. Our living quarters give you amenities to keep you comfortable and spaces to gather with other people in treatment, where you can bond and build relationships with individuals going through the same thing.

Our reality therapy model is an evidence-based treatment option for people dealing with addiction. It’s a form of talk therapy that encourages patients to focus on living in their present reality and prioritize the steps they can take to improve their lives, including coping skills, new problem-solving methods and lifestyle changes. This method can work in numerous modalities, including individual, group and family therapies.

Find Hope With Crest View Recovery Center

When you or someone close to you is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction in Chattanooga, Crest View Recovery Center is standing by to help. Recovering from addiction gives you a new chance at life and the opportunity to grow as a person and heal relationships with your family and the greater Tennessee community. Contact our team today so we can start discussing your options.

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