Has your search for addiction rehab in Wilmington NC turned up few quality options? If so, don’t lose hope for effective treatment just yet. If you’ve never heard of Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, take a moment to learn about our facility. We have a variety of treatment programs that can help you put an end to addiction, for good.

Not All Rehabs are Equal

You’ve probably learned while searching for rehab in Wilmington NC that every facility offers varying levels of care. Many properties promise to deliver results but offer treatment that is too general to be helpful. Fortunately, the programs you’ll find at CVRC can and will live up to your expectations. You don’t have to flounder through multiple failed rehab attempts before finally achieving total sobriety.

Our center differs from other rehabs in Wilmington NC in the way that we treat our guests. We are committed to providing quality and compassionate care to each individual who entrusts us with his or her treatment. For rehab to be effective, our guests need to feel welcome and at ease. Our safe and confidential setting is precisely the place where users can find this kind of therapeutic haven.

How Our Rehab in Wilmington NC Can Help

The addiction you suffer from is a disease. If you’ve developed a dependency and full-blown addiction, you are past the point of being able to choose to stop. You need professional treatment administered by experienced specialists. Otherwise, you risk experiencing multiple setbacks along your journey towards lasting sobriety.

One benefit to seeking help is the opportunity for medical detox. Our rehab partners with another facility in order to provide our clients with a safe setting where their detox can be monitored around-the-clock.

During, you may experience a series of chaotic withdrawal symptoms as harmful toxins are eliminated from your body. This will be a difficult process to go through, but we are able to help ease the pain in any way we can. By choosing Crest View Recovery Center, you can rest easy knowing your progress is being overseen by experienced professionals.

Another way our rehab program can help you beat addiction is by going against the grain of many traditional rehab programs. Rather than whisking you away to a secluded location, we take a more realistic approach. Our reality-based therapy model, or “reality therapy,” places our clients in real-life situations, alongside their peers in recovery.

During treatment, our clients also learn helpful life skills and coping methods they can use for the rest of their lives. For example, this includes grocery shopping and budgeting. Moreover, CVRC also provides fun weekend activities, such as bowling, mini-golf and trips to the movie theater.

Treatment is Readily Available in Asheville, North Carolina

If you’re ready to end the abuse and conquer your addiction, quality addiction help is within your reach. Our treatment center can help make your transition towards sobriety as smooth as possible. You don’t have to endure countless rehab attempts before finally achieving real results. We can help you to get clean and prepare you for a life of lasting change.

Our substance abuse programs and services include:

  • Rehab Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Therapy – Group, Individual, Family, Psychotherapy, and Gender-Specific Group Therapy
  • Detox – off-site at our partner’s facility


Once an individual suffering from substance addiction is placed into a rehabilitation center, the first step to recovery will be a process called detoxification. Detoxification is the medical process of slowly weaning an addicted individual off of the substance they have been abusing. Over time, this process eliminates drugs or alcohol from the patient’s body.

During this process, the patient will experience “withdrawal symptoms.” The symptoms can be very painful and include things like increased heart rates, profusely sweating and even seizures in some cases. Once this process has been completed, the treated patient will be transferred over to a rehabilitation facility to begin professionally recommended treatments for their addiction disorders.

Here at CRVC, we never recommend individuals to try to detox by themselves at home. We are partnered with a detoxification facility that will offer the recommended length of stay and will oversee each stage of the process to ensure detoxification completion.

Inpatient Treatment

Residential inpatient treatment is the highest level of treatment available, and it is what people typically associate with the word “rehab.” This type of care is recommended to anyone with a more severe addiction problem, and patients will spend long lengths of time in a treatment facility. Medical professionals monitor them around the clock to ensure their safety, as well.

There are a lot of instances when residential rehab is a better fit. If a person has a history of relapsing easily after completing time in rehab, inpatient rehab is probably a better option. Treatment in inpatient facilities is intensive enough for these individuals because they require constant supervision in order to not fall back into old patterns. It is also a great option for people who face constant temptation in their everyday lives like living with roommates or family members who also abuse the substance.

Outpatient Treatment

There are two main types of outpatient rehab: general outpatient and intensive outpatient. When someone is admitted into general outpatient rehab, this means they still have flexibility within their schedule. They are able to time their counseling sessions and attend their meetings around their already existent outside activities. As opposed to inpatient facilities that have around the clock care, outpatient intensive rehab facilities are similar but focus more on mild addictions that can be treated over a longer period of time.

Most of the rehabilitation process is through support groups and counseling. The attendee will go about their regular day-to-day life while still going to counseling or group meetings 3 days a week. Most outpatient programs require around 4-6 of therapy as well as checking in with counselors on a regular basis.

At Crest View, we believe outpatient rehab is a great alternative to inpatient for individuals who want to maintain their daily routine or have to hold a job to support their family or want to stay in school so they can achieve their degree. It is also a great way to continue therapy once inpatient treatment is completed. Outpatient treatment is much less costly than that of inpatient intensive treatment because it does not require the patient to live on the premises of where the rehabilitation is taking place.

Although it is very beneficial for some individuals, there are a lot of instances when outpatient rehab is not the best fit for someone looking to be treated for their addiction. If a person has a history of relapsing easily after completing time in rehab, outpatient treatment is probably not a sufficient option. Treatment is not intensive enough for these individuals because they require constant supervision in order to not fall back into old patterns.

Available Treatments at CRVC

Our team at CRVC believes in encouraging our patients to be self-sufficient, independent individuals by the time rehab has been completed. Some of our therapies included are:

Family Counseling Programs: in these programs, family members are brought in to help both the patient and relative understand a better way to cope with recovery. Both parties are able to share thoughts and feelings on the subject, and the program helps to bond one another closer together. This shows the recovering addict they have a long-lasting support system after rehab completion.

Individual Therapy: This therapy allows the patient to talk solely with their therapist about things they may not feel comfortable sharing among others. This oftentimes helps patients to process the emotional side of past situations that ultimately may have helped lead them to their addiction.

Group Therapy: This is another term for a group meeting setting. Primarily verbal to allow patients to interact with one another and share stories of their recoveries and experiences while using. This gives the patient support from people going through similar situations.

Dual-Diagnosis Therapy: oftentimes, patients are diagnosed with multiple disorders at the same time as having an anxiety disorder while also having a substance disorder. This therapy treats both disorders at the same time and allows the patient to decrease the time spent in our rehab facility.

We also offer recreational therapies, meditation techniques, acupuncture and holistic treatments that focus on relieving the mind and body of unwanted stress that may have caused the addiction in the first place.

Recovery Is Possible

Don’t waste another day of your life questioning whether you will ever overcome your addiction problem. There are professionals within our facilities willing to give you all the answers you need in order to start the process.

Quality treatment at Crest View Recovery Center can help you beat your addiction, permanently. If you have the courage to make this life-changing decision, we will guide you to sobriety. Choose our rehab in Asheville, North Carolina, for your treatment needs, and watch how the doors to your future can open up. Contact our office at (866) 327-2505 to learn more about this exciting opportunity.