Drug addiction is associated with a range of long and short-term effects. Depending on the severity of the addiction, type, quantity, and length of addiction, it affects the health of the addicted individual in numerous ways. Short-term effects may include: drug rehab Raleigh NC

  • Change in appetite
  • Blood pressure
  • Mood attacks
  • Wakefulness
  • Psychosis
  • Heart rate

However, the long-term effects can range from lung or heart disease, mental illness, cancer, hepatitis, and HIV.

Most importantly, long-term use of drugs leads to addiction that, according to many scientists, affects the brain and is considered a disease. The effects change the way the brain functions, and the way people experience normal situations and life pleasures. That typically includes food, sex, and the ability to control stress, making a decision, learn, and their memory.

These changes make it extremely difficult for addicted individuals to stop using drugs even when they want to get rid of addiction.

If you live in Raleigh, NC, and have been suffering from a substance abuse disorder for an extended period of time, it is important to find the local rehab center that promotes overall wellness. It is necessary because addiction is a disease, and if you don’t opt for quality treatment, you may have difficulty fully recovering and could potentially relapse.  Not only does this addiction affect your brain (as mentioned earlier) but also your spirit and body.

However, to choose the right drug rehab in Raleigh, you need to understand how addiction affects you and what wellness modalities you need to recover.

How Does the Disease of Addiction Affect Your LIfe?

Drug addiction refers to a strong compulsion of abusing a certain substance or drug. Even if you realize the fact that it can cause several undesirable consequences. Many studies have declared it as a medical disorder that doesn’t only affect the brain but also changes your behavior. Mixing several substances like illicit drugs, prescription medications, opiates, nicotine, cocaine, and alcohol may fuel addiction development.

At first, people use drugs because they like how it makes them feel. They think they can control the urging desire of taking drugs and the quantity they’re using. But over time, the compulsion of using drugs increases and affects the way a normal brain functions. The physical changes lead to several health complications that may have long-term effects. The constant abuse of these substances makes an addict lose his/her self-control.

Effects on the Brain

The brain makes you want to repeat experiences that give you pleasure. Drug addiction targets the reward system of your brain. Both mild and severe addiction stimulates the production of dopamine- a “feel good” hormone. It triggers the feelings of intense pleasure that is what makes you addicted to using it again and again.

Your brain, over time, gets used to producing extra dopamine, which makes you increase the doses. Upon using for a long time, substance use disorder alters chemical systems and circuits in the brain. They may affect:

  • Judgment
  • Memory
  • Learning ability
  • Decision-making

Together these changes may drive an addicted individual to seek out the drugs in illegal ways that go beyond normal self-control. The unhealthy cravings for drugs make an addict depend on those substances. Not only this, but this addiction diverts an individual’s focus from his/her goals and jeopardizes all aspects of their relationships and their life.

Addiction experts at the drug rehab in Raleigh NC will often recommend beginning treatment with detoxification. However, depending on several factors, an addict may require more resources to recover from substance abuse.

Treatment Options at our Drug Rehab, in Raleigh NC

The treatment in Raleigh NC begins with a small evaluation process to help the addicted individual find the reasons for using drugs in the first place. Plus, addicts learn about recovery tips to overcome their psychological addiction. The common therapies of rehab include:

The suggested length of treatment is typically between 30 to 90 days. Then, the patient heads to transitional living. Although the treatment has a standard structure, it doesn’t have two major treatment options.

Holistic Care and Reality Therapy Augment Recovery

Holistic treatment refers to a supportive modality. It evaluates the treatments for their holistic wellness care approach. It includes massage therapy meditation, acupuncture, and yoga. The treatments are great to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

For instance, yoga works excellent when it comes to improving physical health. The stretches and breathing exercises help you reduce anxiety and regain your focus. By achieving a healthy physique, you can bring equilibrium in your life.

Reality approach is another way that allows you to gauge personal growth and self-improvement via talk therapy. You can apply everything that you learn from the lessons in group therapy.

Furthermore, reality therapy prepares you to face the real-life challenges that you encounter when you return home after spending a long time in a rehab facility. It helps you strengthen your will power to navigate through the environment where nobody monitors or supports you like rehab centers.

It is done by allowing you to go on outings with friends and peers during the recovery phase but in the supervision of a therapist. You are allowed to visit the venues you’re expected to go after rehabs such as movie theatres, malls, and bowling alleys.

You are made to interact with normal people, meet individuals who are alcoholic to evaluate your tolerance level and reactions. If there are signs of weakness, you are taught to address them.

A therapist is there to help you cope up with the difficult situation. After treatment, you feel confident and more comfortable when encountering such situations. In a nutshell, you practice sobriety before you get to live a sober life.

Crest View Recovery Center – Your Ultimate Solution

If treatment solutions at drug rehab Raleigh NC don’t work for you, try drug addiction treatment at Crest View Recovery Center Ashville NC. We have evidence-based, proven therapies designed on holistic approaches.

At CRVC, we ensure to provide high-quality treatment with unconditional support to help our patients recover successfully. If you want to find out more, how our addiction experts can help you, call 866.327.2505 today and book your appointment. We promise you 100 percent results with long-term benefits of a happy, healthy, and contented life