detox vs rehab comparison.

Many people have questions about how treatment will go and what the process is like. Is it possible to go through intensive three-day alcohol detox and overcome your use disorder? Conversely, will a seven-day stay at a detox center cure your substance abuse problem? In the detox vs rehab debate, there are many misconceptions. Here’s what you need to know.

What Happens at a Detox Center?detox vs rehab comparison.

Medical detox is a true necessity for people with an addiction. It helps you to withdraw safely from a drug or alcohol. Pharmacological support assists with cravings control and pain management. This process is the first step in recovery and breaks the physiological dependence.

Detox vs Rehab: Do You Need Treatment after Detoxification?

It’s a common misconception that detox cures your addiction. In fact, dependency is a chronic condition without a cure. It responds well to treatment. Detox is a good first step but treatment is a necessary follow up. However, there are two aspects of substance abuse.

First, there’s the physical dependency. Detox helps you overcome it. Next, there’s the psychological dependency. Rehab assists you with taking on this part of the addiction.

For example, therapists use modalities such as:

Good-quality detox vs rehab facilities help you to practice living a sober lifestyle. You might do so while spending time in sober housing during your clinical care period. Besides that, there are opportunities to interact with people outside of the rehab center. During supervised trips, you go out into the community for recreation.

Because therapists accompany you and your peers, you have assistance if you need it. It’s an excellent way to practice sober living. Similarly, it shows you where you might still be struggling with areas of weakness. The next time you meet with your therapist, you can then discuss how to work on them.

What Happens If You Quit Treatment after Detox?

There’s a good chance that you’ll relapse. Going back to using drugs after leaving treatment is unfortunately common. It’s true that you’ll be able to live your life without the perception that you have to have the drug. In contrast, you have no fortification against the cravings and temptations that come along. Because you may have never dealt with your reasons for using, you’re at high risk for going back to substance abuse.

Detox vs Rehab: Addiction Is A Disease

Remember that addiction’s a chronic condition. Relapse isn’t all that unusual. Undergo detox and subsequent drug and alcohol rehabilitation in North Carolina. Even if this is your second, third, or tenth time, there’s hope.

Now that you know the truth in the detox vs rehab debate, it’s time to reach out for help. You don’t have to keep using a drug that’s slowly killing you. Crest View Recovery Center routinely helps people just like you to make lasting changes in their lives. Call us for more information at 866-327-2505 now. Learn more about the difference between detox vs rehab today.

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