Is your drug abuse out of hand? If so, getting help is at the top of your list of priorities. However, maybe a loved one needs assistance with overcoming chemical dependency. Here’s what to look for when comparing the top rehab centers in NC.

What qualities of the top rehab centers in NC?Accreditations and Memberships Matter

Case in point is Crest View Recovery Center’s accreditation by The Joint Commission. Moreover, this facility holds a state license from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Not surprisingly, it’s among the top rehab centers in NC.

Accreditations and professional organization memberships are signs of transparency. They prove to the consumer in need of help that this facility values the safety of its clients. In fact, open books and a willingness to have an independent evaluator go through the facility with a fine-toothed comb are crucial. Both ensure that care standards, evidence-based therapies, and amenities are top of the line.

Top Rehab Centers in NC Feature Value-Added Programs

Evidence-based treatments are at the heart of rehab. For example, modalities include:

These are the types of treatments that experts agree will help people in recovery to overcome addiction. However, at Crest View Recovery Center, we have integrated value-added programs. A good example is Hope Connections, which is a support group for friends and family members who support a client. Certainly, it’s not just the client who needs healing but those closest to him, too. This is a major benefit of the top rehab centers in NC.

Another program is the Alumni group. Crest View Recovery Center graduates have the opportunity to enroll in this program. Furthermore, it enables them to become part of an informal support network. Almost all program participants value the opportunity to receive help but also give it back.

Holistic care is an amenity that more and more centers now add. However, post-detox acupuncture is a treatment that few rehab facilities offer. Undergoing this treatment helps with a cravings reduction and continues to relieve lingering withdrawal symptoms. Besides that, it supports stress reduction and supports healthy sleeping patterns.

Reality Therapy Can Be a Deciding Factor in Recovery

As one of the most successful rehab programs in NC, Crest View Recovery Center believes in reality therapy. It’s a major differentiating factor from other programs. While some suggest that going on a wilderness retreat is the key to healing, our therapists beg to differ. Anyone can find sobriety while in the serenity of nature at one of the top rehab centers in NC.

However, unless you’re moving there and quitting your job, you need to know how to function in daily life. You’ll still have a job, home, financial responsibilities, family stresses, and face other trigger situations. Our therapists offer you a chance to ease your way into everyday activities gradually. Examples include outings to movie theaters and bowling alleys.

You practice your coping skills while a therapist is on hand to assist. Notice areas where you still need some help. Celebrate the success of overcoming some stressors on your own. Similarly, build on this confidence as you get ready to graduate from the program and live on your own.

Get the Help That Makes a Difference

Do you need help for a drug or alcohol problem? You don’t have to keep suffering. Therefore, it’s time to make a change that can affect the rest of your life.

As one of the top rehab centers in NC, Crest View Recovery Center believes in complete customization of care. Your treatment’s design depends entirely on your needs and strengths. Learn more about us by talking to an intake advisor. In fact, call 866-350-5622 now to connect with a specialist.