With the opioid epidemic claiming tens of thousands of lives every year, it remains a national health crisis. It’s also created a need for more information about the origins and nature of opioids. The original drug that prompted the creation of all other natural and synthetic opioids is opium. There is a lot of mystery that surrounds this drug in the western world as it is not particularly common. The natural question arises then, “What is opium exactly?”

What is opium exactly?Specifically What Is Opium Exactly?

Opium is made from the seedpods of Papaver somniferum plants, better known as bread-seed poppy. It’s a narcotic painkiller. Opium is the source for several other narcotics, including morphine, heroin, and codeine.


In addition to reducing pain, opium also creates a euphoric or dreamlike state of mind. Other common effects include sleepiness or mild confusion. When abused, opium can cause constipation, dry mouth, and addiction.


Like all narcotics, opium use becomes addictive. Some common symptoms of narcotic addiction include:

  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Withdrawal from normal activities
  • Work or financial struggles

Treatment – Part One

When opium use rises to the level of addiction, the question of what is opium exactly takes second chair to the question, “What is the treatment?” All opioid treatment begins with medical detox. Detoxing from opioids isn’t typically a dangerous process. It is profoundly uncomfortable, which helps explain why at-home detox attempts fail so often.

Medically-supervised detox offers a few key advantages. You can receive replacement medications that vastly reduce the misery of withdrawal. You also get around-the-clock access to a trained medical staff if anything goes wrong. It also limits your ability to get more opium during a moment of doubt.

Treatment – Part Two

The next stage in treatment is rehab, where you learn what is opium exactly during therapy and more. You typically enter into a residential rehab program. It’s also possible you might end up in an intensive outpatient program if your circumstances make inpatient treatment impossible.

You live at the rehab center, typically for four weeks, and participate in several kinds of therapy. For example, some of the more common treatments include:

You’ll likely also take some classes that teach you about the nature of addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention.

Depending on your progress and situation, you may leave rehab at the end of the four weeks. Those who need or want additional help often transition into an outpatient program. However, it’s important to know what is opium exactly and its dangers before returning to daily life.

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