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Finding a way to pay for rehab is one of the most stressful aspects of getting the addiction recovery help you need. However, many people in America have ways of affording this treatment through workplace provided benefits. Your company’s Employee Assistance Network (EAN) helps you understand your workplace rights and benefits for getting the help you need. This Employee Assistance Network drug rehab coverage also helps you get back to a healthier way of life and your regular work position after treatment.

What is Employee Assistance Network Drug Rehab Coverage?

All government employers and many private organizations offer EANs, Employee Assistance Network Programs. These programs have served employees for well over 75 years. They also enable employers to maintain the productivity and safety of their workplace, through employees’ improved health. Because of the programs’ benefits to all concerned parties in the employer-employee relationship, state and federal governments made EANs mandatory after the 1970s.

Employee Assistance Network Drug Rehab Coverage at CVRC.Employee Assistance Network drug rehab coverage includes treatment education, guidance, support, and benefits. You more easily gain access to affordable care for mental health conditions, eating disorders, chronic health problems and stress reduction through your EAN. The EAN also helps you know and use your legal rights to maintain your job while undergoing treatment.

When you seek Employee Assistance Network drug rehab coverage, this help is confidential. This means that any guidance comes without making you a subject of office gossip. You also need not worry about your supervisor or manager treating you differently.

Because of your EAN, state laws and federal laws, you do not lose the ability to gain advancement in the workplace when you seek rehab treatment. Nor do you sacrifice your income or position.

How Your Employee Assistance Network Works

Your EAN does not set up treatment for you. But the program helps you understand substance abuse, treatment, and benefits offered by your company for paying for rehab. You also learn how abusing drugs or alcohol affects your job, workplace, and coworkers.

More and more workplaces are expanding their EANs to include a wider range of health and wellness issues. So these programs do not just provide information or support for addiction treatment. In fact, some workplace EANs today also focus on weight management, physical fitness and anger management, among other needs. Whatever the issue you face, the EAN encourages you to seek help.

Through Employee Assistance Network Drug Rehab Coverage, you gain access to short term counseling to help you make the right treatment decisions. These decisions include taking advantage of your health insurance benefits and outside resources.

Overall, the goal of your EAN is to help you end any health conditions that affect you. These programs also seek to help you build better wellness, whether in yourself, your relationships, at home or in the workplace. Through these services, employers gain more loyal and dedicated employees with greater productivity and safety.

Types of Programs Available to You Using Your Employee Benefits

When you seek addiction recovery, you gain access to a wide range of treatment possibilities through your employee benefits. If you have health insurance through your employer, consider talking to your EAN representative in your human resources department. Or talk to the rehab of your choice for verification and explanation of your benefits.

Programs available to you through Employee Assistance Network Drug Rehab Coverage include:

Employee Assistance Network for Drug Rehab in Asheville, NC

Crest View Recovery Center is proud to announce that we are now in-network with the Employee Assistance Network (EAN). At CVRC, we strive to work with your insurance providers to help you enter treatment without the financial burdens that keep so many people away from rehabilitation. No one should have to forgo addiction treatment, especially for financial reasons. Our goal is to make treatment available to as many people as possible. For this reason, we will continue to expand our partnerships with as many insurers as possible.

In fact, CVRC works with most insurance providers available today. We also provide flexible payment plans for those who are in need.

If you are in the grasps of addiction, then allow our partnership with EAN to help you receive the best treatment around. End your substance abuse issue once and for all with the help of CVRC and our top notch programs. For more information about paying for rehab, contact us today at 866-327-2505.

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