Rehab programs are result-oriented. That means they often incorporate therapies that fall under the heading of holistic. Holistic is something of a catch-all phrase for alternative or spiritual approaches like meditation. These approaches gained popularity as a way to treat the psychological and emotional effects that addiction had on patients. Despite falling under the heading holistic, there are many benefits of meditation that can help you in recovery. In fact, meditation has numerous benefits for anyone who would practice it.

Stress Reduction What are the Benefits of Meditation?

One of the biggest benefits of meditation is stress reduction. Even a few minutes a day can help reduce blood pressure, make you calmer, and cut anxiety. That makes it an extremely powerful tool for anyone in rehab or recovery.

Rehab is a stress-filled time for anyone. You must cope with the mental, emotional, and physical symptom of withdrawal. You’re often separated from your friends and family, which is also stressful. A tool like meditation can make that more tolerable.

Better Self-Discipline

Meditation is a practice that doesn’t always provide instant results. You must work at it. That ongoing work improves your self-discipline. Better self-discipline pays off in several ways as one of the major benefits of meditation.

It makes it easier for you to turn away from triggers and temptations once you return to your home and job. It also makes it easier for you to take action when you realize you need extra help.


Meditation comes in a lot of different varieties. One of the more popular forms is mindfulness meditation. It emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment. In other words, you keep focused on what’s happening right now.

Some of that is about current activities. If you’re washing dishes, you think about washing dishes and not the game that’s on later. Some of it is about your own mental and emotional state. By focusing on the present moment, you stand a much better chance of noticing when you’re about to backslide into destructive activities.

Other Benefits of Meditation

Meditation provides several other benefits, such as better self-image, better concentration, and better memory. It can help reduce your chances of depression. In some cases, it even boosts your job satisfaction.

Use in Rehab

The benefits of meditation go beyond standalone therapy for substance use disorders. It shows up as a complementary therapy that supports traditional addiction treatment approaches, such as:

Crest View Recovery Center

Crest View Recovery Center offers an intensive outpatient treatment program for several substance abuse issues. Our program focuses on preparing you for real-life situations. We use traditional and holistic therapies, such as meditation. Crest view is located in North Carolina.

Addiction can overwhelm everything else in your life, but it doesn’t need to be the end of your story. You can overcome it with help from a quality rehab program and the benefits of meditation. If you’re ready to break addiction’s hold over you, call Crest View at 866-327-2505 and step onto the road to recovery.

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