Pros and Cons of Methadone Medication Assisted Treatment

Man looks at himself in the mirror and contemplates the pros and cons of methadone treatment

Methadone Pros and Cons

Overcoming an opioid addiction is challenging, and clients may want to use all the resources that are available to them during the process. One option is the use of methadone, which can be a means of medication-assisted treatment during recovery. However, there are definitely both pros and cons of methadone that you need to consider. Take a look at both the pros and cons of methadone treatment to combat drug addiction.

Reduces Opiate Cravings

When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of methadone treatment, there is one advantage that stands out: It can replace the use of other opiates. If you’re addicted to heroin, for example, then methadone can become your replacement. It creates a far less intense high than heroin and similar drugs, and it can become part of the treatment for drug addiction.

If a client is relying on methadone, then they won’t experience cravings. For many heavy opioid users, this is a huge advantage.

Safe Way to Avoid Withdrawal

Clients who are thinking carefully about the pros and cons of methadone might be focused on how to get through withdrawal as safely and comfortably as possible. There is no denying the fact that opiate withdrawal can be painful at times. Fortunately, using methadone may be a way to postpone withdrawal without facing the problems that other opiates can cause.

Methadone Provides Structure and Routine

When you’re thinking about the pros and cons of methadone treatment, you might not think much about routine. However, methadone treatment adds structure and routine to each day. This can be a big part of the recovery process.

Methadone is typically administered daily in a single dose so that clients don’t abuse the substance or take an incorrect amount. That means that each day, clients have to be in the right place at the right time in order to receive their methadone. This sounds simple, but it is a massive step in the right direction for those who are struggling with addiction. It adds a new layer of accountability to each day.

Methadone Has Unpleasant Side Effects

While methadone is clearly very useful during recovery, it also delivers some side effects. It can lead to problems with the respiratory system, and many varieties are high in sugar and can cause dental issues. While the methadone high is milder than a heroin high, it can still prevent people from driving, working, or living life to the fullest.

There is Potential For Abuse and Addiction

The pros and cons of methadone treatment have to discuss the bigger picture of addiction. Methadone can be a tool in the fight against heroin addiction. However, it doesn’t end the cycle of addiction. Methadone is still addictive, and clients can still abuse the drug. Plus, methadone withdrawal can be harder and longer than other opioid detoxes, which means that it is far from a miracle cure for addiction. By attending a medication assisted treatment program at a certified drug rehab, professionals will closely monitor and plan out your dosage to avoid abuse or addiction.

Pros and Cons of Methadone Clinics

Methadone clinics exist to dispense common medications used in medication-assisted treatment for those recovering from drug addiction. Those on methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) are prescribed daily doses and are monitored closely for the first week of treatment. After their first week of methadone, they can return to their methadone clinic on a daily basis for at least six months to get their daily dose. There are pros for those that adhere to the prescribed amount and consistent medication like a positive lifestyle change such as reduction in criminal behaviors and transmission of disease.

There are cons to methadone clinics such as the requirement of a daily visit to the facility. This consistent schedule can be hard to achieve for those on MMT, and if treatment is stopped for a period of time, the dosage is reset and individuals have to restart the cycle of methadone clinic visits. Methadone clinics also don’t provide the tools individuals need for sobriety, they only provide step one to a sober life.

Making a Decision Based on Methadone Pros and Cons

If you’ve decided that methadone is the right choice for your addiction, then you may be on the right track. However, don’t forget that medication-assisted treatment is just one part of the equation. Overcoming addiction also includes a comprehensive range of therapies and methods, just some of which include the following:

Methadone Treatment in Drug Rehab

Every client needs to weigh the pros and cons of methadone when choosing their route to recovery. At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, clients can begin a comprehensive journey that includes medication-assisted treatment using methadone to gain the tools they need for sobriety. Call 8663272505 to learn more about your options today.